Saturday, December 30, 2006

The year in review.

I'm of two minds about this post... I'm kind of afraid my Beloved Readers will come after me with torches and pitch forks. But after reviewing my blog posts for the past year, I've got to admit, you guys may have a point about me knitting fast. (Though I still think a lot of it has to do with not having a life, otherwise.)

The yearly tally of knitting projects (without photos because blogger hates me):

Eight sweaters. Four full size, two kid jackets, and two sleeveless tanks. This includes a Dale of Norway (though most of the knitting was done in 2005), and a Bohus.

Seven scarves. Never. Again. Ever.

Three doilies. I'm actually kind of shocked this number isn't higher, considering that's all I used to knit, back in the day.

Two felted bags (one pitched after felting), two afghan blocks out of a total of eight needed to put together a jacket, and a pair of knucks.

This doesn't include projects started and given up on in disgust, which would include two half-knit baby sweaters.

Huh. Not bad. Maybe I did accomplish something this year.

Oh, and I registered to sell on Esty last night. I haven't opened an actual shop yet, so April, quit shrieking, but I'm getting there. I plan to have it stocked by the end of January. Uh, anyone have an opinion on lace, sock, or worsted-weight handpaint yarn?


Sheepish Annie said...

That is an impressive amount of knitting, there! And you do have a's just heavily influenced by the knitting, is all.

Yay, Etsy Shop!!! And I'm not saying a word about April needing a place to buy yarn. Nope. Not. One. Word...(I'm in actual pain, here!!!!!!!!!)

ang said...

Ummmm have one more scarf to knit...and a hat...and a pair of tangled garden socks, pretty please. Auntie loves ya babe!

Ok, the Etsy thing is a good idea checked out the knitting section....your work will be a definite plus...

April said...

Sock yarn, sock yarn, sock yarn.

Just my opinion of course.

And The Baby. Will The Baby be for sale?

And Sheepie, I have two words for you. Lamb. Stew.

Amy Lane said...

I am so addicted to sock yarn...I look for patterns that have nothing to do with socks, just so I can buy the hand-dyed yarn... lace scares me only because I never have the time to fix eyes on a chart, so my knitting would be abominably slow, but sock yarn...ahh...I'm jonesing even now...

sienna said...

sock, absolutely sock.

Bells said...

I have to say, I've never looked at Etsy in my life. But know you're stuff was going to be on there, I had a look.

It's American. I'd have to buy in US dollars. But I probably would if I REALLY wanted something!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Bells on this - I'd buy in US dollars if I wanted it enough!

Sock yarn is always a good one.