Friday, December 08, 2006

Oh, fine.

Here, The Baby greets The Husbeast as he arrives home from work. (Dadad is her favorite person. To hell with me.)

And here, the baby models the Surprise Jacket again. Hopefully without the zombified look on her face.
Okay, she's slightly zombified. I don't know what she's looking at in that photo. I suspect she's getting tired of the camera flash. She's quit looking into the camera.

You're lucky I was posting photos on the Zimmermania blog anyway.


amy lane said...

She even has the modelling flourish with her little arms...

angela said...

Love the jacket! V. cute little one too... My little one always looks something like that in pictures. The only good ones I can get of him are when he is busy doing something else. ie. not looking and making faces at the camera

April said...

Think of me as your "campaign advisor." I tell you what the people want and you give it to them. I'm not really sure what we're campaigning for here but work with me on this.

The Baby for President?

Bells said...

what a pretty sight for my poor migraine strained eyes.

I think your migraines are catching, Julie. So thanks!

Rae said...

DD is killing me. After 2 years of mommy worship, she's now latched onto daddy as if he were lactating and she was starving. I'm nothing but the gal who wipes her bee-hind.

OK, I'm hyperbolic. Still, I identify with the cast-offs.

Your pics of DD are driving me crazy! I don't feel Joneses-envy, I feel knitting bloggers envy. Must.Post.Pics.Of.DD. :)

can't wait to find the article.