Friday, December 29, 2006

More eeeee!

Heck, what's another article photo between friends? Check this out:

I'm REALLY considering opening an Esty shop and trying to sell handpaint yarn. To the point I've already found a place to buy the undyed yarn and started looking at profit/cost ratios. (Once a bookkeeper, always a bookkeeper.) I figure if I start small, the worst that can happen is, I get stuck with some yarn. Wow. That would be traumatic.

The Baby got ANOTHER present in the mail today. It was an ABC book from her auntie.

I've gotta say, damn she's cute.


Sheepish Annie said...

Yup...that's one cute kid ya got there!

And yes. You need to open an Etsy shop. April needs a place to buy yarn.

Amy Lane said...

Oh open that Etsy shop, and I'll have a place to net-surf when I'm stressed... like, every day...

April said...

Me? Buy yarn? Sheepie, whatever are you talking about?

Smart ass comments from the Wooly One aside, PLEASE OPEN AN ETSY SHOP!!!

I need to buy yarn.