Saturday, December 16, 2006

One tired baby.

Last night was the military christmas party for the kids in the husbeast's shop. They rented the House of Bounce for the night, and it was overrun with probably seventy-five kids up to age fifteen, and their parents. Unlike most parties of this type that I've attended in the past, this one was FUN. Instead of trying to dress up the kids and entertain them, everyone put their kids in jeans and tee shirts and turned them loose. The parents stood around and chatted while the kids ran wild, and everyone was happy.

The baby?

Oh, the baby really loved the padded floors.

She explored the entire place doing her little knee-walk. It's a rennovated WAREHOUSE, so it was pretty damn big.

Oh, and the bouncy things? The adults were allowed in them too, so we found a small one in a corner and crawled in with her, to show her how it was done.

I was not prepared for actual shrieks of joy, but we got them. Shrieks. Everyone stood around going "aw, she's so cute".

After about two hours of this, The Baby was reduced to glassy-eyed stares from the husbeast's arms, so we went home. She slept twelve hours and is ready for a nap soon.

Then I'm gonna make buckeyes (fuckeyes to my writing group) and cut-out cookies and try to get the rest of the baking organized so my kitchen and dining room quit looking like an explosion at Willy Wonka's. I kind of enjoy the festive look of it, but having to push bags of flour and sugar out of the way so I can eat dinner is getting kind of old.

Oh, uh, knitting? Yeah, I did some of that, too. And I need to block these scarves so I can wrap them and forget about them forever. Then I need to start knitting lace swatches so I can write my blog-reader-inspired Knitty article that's due by the 5th of January.

But first, I think I'm going to have a cup of tea, some chocolate, hug my kid, and read a book.


Sheepish Annie said...

mmm..buckeyes! I haven't had those in a dog's age.

But, I'm very much on board with the whole chocolate, tea and kid huggin' thing. (I'm substituting with a big, fluffy kitty, tho) A good read sounds pretty nice right now!


Bells said...

god I love that outfit. So casual and yet somehow kinda funky. Love babies in jeans. Beats babies in other pretend grown up clothes which I don't get at all!

wish you'd had a video camera there....

do we get pictures from Christmas day with her drowning in wrapping paper and tinsel?

Julie said...

I'm sure we'll stick some bows on her head and take some photos. :)

Amy Lane said...

What's a buckeye? (Don't kill me--Nor Cal is sadly short on baking traditions...) And I want to go play in the bounce house with MY babies...the cave troll is already scaling furniture like spiderman...