Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I'm international!

Check this out. It's from my statistics logger, that keeps track of hits on this blog:

Nearly half of my visitors are from somewhere else. I'm all about diversity (in case you hadn't noticed) and started this blog to meet people not-where-I-am, so this is really freaking cool. (And if you ARE from the US, you ain't chopped liver, either. Really. But, I'm sorry, different cultures are interesting to me. I KNOW yours.)

This morning I suddenly realized it's the twelfth of December. (Yes, I'm a little slow these days.) Which means we're leaving for Ohio in a week or so. WHICH MEANS I NEED TO FINISH A DAMN SCARF AND A SHITLOAD OF COOKIES!!! So the oven's pre-heating and I'm going to try baking while The Baby is awake. She's completely blocked from the kitchen by a baby gate; safety is not an issue. But keeping an eye on her while IN the kitchen, ah, that will be a trick. We'll see how it goes.

The light green scarf is nearly done (I expect to finish it today, even with cookie baking) and the last one (in beige/tan) isn't 'due' until the 26th of December, so I can work on it in the truck and in Ohio if I have to. I will also take along the Steeked Jacket to work on, but I can't work on it openly until after my father-in-law opens HIS, so that it's a surprise.

I'm babbling.

I think I finally figured out what the problem is with the migraines.

I'm a vampire.

It explains everything. Yesterday I went outside and as soon as the sun hit my eyes, it was instant headache. I've got a pair of super-dark sunglasses that I wear nearly everywhere but inside... see? Vampire. I've told the husbeast I'm in danger of disintigrating if I go outside, but he's not buying it. He wouldn't go to the grocery store for me (he's been working 18 hours a day), so I have to go today.

On the Air Force base.

Ohohoh. Almost forgot. See this hat?

(Okay, it's a bad picture, going up The Baby's nose at a strange angle.) My mother-in-law knit it for The Baby while I was pregnant. It was a bit large for last winter, but this year it fits just fine, and it even matches her coat! It's the only hat she'll leave on her head, too. Awwwwwww.


MrsFife said...

Hey, I'm "1" person too!!! From India. Where's my flag? On the other hand, maybe I haven't clicked through to your blog from my feedreader in the last week.

Julie said...

That may be the problem. Plus, the stat counter only keeps info from the last hundred hits, and I've had a lot of traffic lately because of the knit-along, so that's only about twelve hours' worth of hits.

But yay, more international hits!

Amy Lane said...

awwww...the baby is always cute...(but the hat is very nice too:-) I like vampires...that's why I write trashy vampire books;-)

Bells said...

I'm so tempted to say that Australia doesn't really count as another culture. If you've not been here you probably don't realise it's so totally another state of America - at least that's what the cynics say. We have mostly American TV, most of your fast food culture, our top 40 music is all ganster rap and R&B & college rock etc(so fucking awful I avoid commercial radio completely). We get all the worst American culture.

that's why I'm loving reading American blogs - there are Americans out there who are not at all like the crap that comes our way via TV, radio etc.

Before I sound completely anti-US, I've gotta say I love lots that comes out of the US, too.

I'll get off my soap box now. ;-)

Julie said...

America gets the worst of America, too. Haha. I'm rather disgusted by quite a lot of our culture, myself.

And yes, I'm very thankful for blogs, that let the rest of the world realize most Americans are everyday, okay people and not raving lunatics like our government. (Though with luck that may come to an end soon. I'm an optimist during the holidays.)

Bells said...

Going to America didn't change my view, sadly. I don't think I got out and met enough real people....but I did have great Bloody Marys in New York, so it wasn't all bad!

Julie said...

And you met Ohioans. Don't forget them. It's a unique breed.