Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Slob or perfectionist?

Or both?

I've been documenting my swatching process for everyone (photos by the husbeast) and it's the first time I've ever really thought about it. It's really an obnoxious process. I mean, it works, but the attention to detail is ridiculous. And I find myself wondering, how is it I'm sitting there, turning that little swatch into a work of art, and then turn around and knit other stuff with no gauge swatch at all?

I washed the Baby Surprise Jacket last night, and the yarn relaxed, and, well, I laughed and laughed. The jacket's now big enough to fit the baby on through to high school, I suspect. The whole thing was an experiment, so I don't care. It's drying, I'll put buttons on it, wrap her in it, and roll the sleeves up. It really doesn't matter to me. If it had been too small I'd have given it to someone with a baby. Just didn't matter.

And the scarves. I start knitting, and if it's too wide, I just rip back and start over (in mohair, no less). That does annoy me, but not enough to make me knit a gauge swatch.

Yet here I am with this jacket swatch, picking out the cast-on and putting the stitches on a string, so the gauge can spread out properly.

Maybe I have multiple personalities?


April said...

You're just discovering this multiple personalities thing NOW? We've known that for months.

Bells said...

First up, great tattoo Julie! Can we have a full close up of it? bit of a tat fan myself (I have two).

I think you're neither a slob nor a perfectionist. You just have different approaches for different projects.

Dying to see a picture of the baby swathed in a huge jacket!!

debsnm said...

You're coming over to the dark side - the one with no swatches - I can feel it!