Saturday, December 30, 2006

Today's accomplishments.

Maybe if I do this at some late hour, blogger will let me post photos.

Today, I figured out how to dip-dye yarn:

That's it hanging from my office door. I know, I know, don't put weight on the fibers and yadda yadda. YOU find a place where The Baby and the cat can't get to it, and let me know. (April, I am NOT hanging it in your living room, thank you anyway.)

I finished the hem on the steeked jacket (I'm quite a bit further, actually, but this is where I was at photo-taking time):

And The Baby figured out how to climb onto the coffee table:

She was congratulated on her grand achievement, then told to get the hell off and never do it again. (Yeah, like that'll happen.) I'd rather not have the kid treat my furniture like a jungle gym, all things being equal.

I may be incommunicado for a couple days, because I've got three articles due in the next week or so. I know, you're thinking "Yeah, right. She can't shut up!" but I'm seriously considering disconnecting the internet in my office so I can get this done. I'll be back when the other writing's done. We'll see how long that takes.

So... happy new year.


Amy Lane said...

(huh hyuk hyuk...) Let me know how that 'not having her treat the furniture like a jungle gym' thing goes... and good luck on the article... man, isn't it funny how a deadline can just suck the joy out of one of the things you live for? (I finished my own self-imposed deadline Thursday, 1 a.m.--I'm still reeling in the heady freedom of ONLY having the four kids and the house for a week.) I'm definitely shopping for sock yarn at your place...

Bells said...

that's so cute. But nearly everything The Baby does is cute. She looks damn proud of herself! You know, you probably didn't help by taking a photo of her proud moment. You might as well have applauded!!! She'll never stop doing it now!

Have fun with the articles. Come to us for feedback if you need it!