Saturday, December 30, 2006

Kill me. Kill me now.

Wonder pets, wonder pets, we're all okay,
to help the [fill in blank] and save the day.
We're not too big and we're not too tough,
but if we work together we've got the right stuff.
Goooooo, wonder pets!

Wonder Pets is on. Bad animation, a duck with a lisp, and bad lyrics to opera music. Click the link. You'll hear for yourself.

Shoot me. Shoot me now.

Why can't The Baby like history documentaries?


Alwen said...

In our house it was Thomas the Tank Engineand Bob the Builder. We bought a reprint book of the Thomas original stories, and those were pretty good. (Now it's Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh.)

Once we had to go to Chicago to pick up my husband from O'Hare, and first we listened to "It's Great to Be an Engine." The lyrics went through my head the whole way, two hours and something plus time in the traffic jam:

Oh, yes, it's great to be an engine and go steaming along
Puff puff puffing along, peep peep peeping along
All the people waving as you speed along
Puff puff puffing along all day

Urk! And now it's back! Think I'll go bang the side of my head like Bert the muppet.

Amy Lane said...

The Disney Channel saved my life...turns out it hits my emotional maturity level dead on....