Monday, December 18, 2006

Not quite chocolate on the face.

I had several requests for photos of the baby in a cookie-induced daze. So far, this is the best we've been able to manage:

This is an entire macaroon stuffed in her mouth. I gave her one torn in pieces, and she immediately crammed them all in. When she realized we were laughing at her, she gave us the "Yeah, well I have a macaroon in my mouth and you don't." face.

Unfortunately for her, that resulted in more lauging, so she finally stuffed the rest of the cookie into her mouth properly.

It took a while. Here's a shot of her, showing just how full her mouth really is; she looks like a squirrel. Or Marlon Brando. Not sure which.

So there you have it. One baby, whacked out on sugar. Yes, she's clapping. Nothing like a sugar rush to make a kid happy.

Must be the holidays.


April said...

Four pictures of The Baby? FOUR!

There really is a Santa. =)

Bells said...

I'm with you April.

Christmas just came early.

Marlon Brando??? LOL!!!!!

Amy Lane said...

awww...these are going to have to tide us over while you're in Ohio, aren't they? Yeah...I can feel my Baby withdrawals already, and I even have my own Adorable Infant meth on standby...

Sheepish Annie said...

Nah...I eat like that all the time, holidays or no. And I always clap for cookies!

Julie said...

I will have internet access while in Ohio (I will be staying with Gadget Man, and the husbeast is even taking his laptop). My e-mail will be hit-or-miss, but I hope to blog semi-regularly. (None of this three posts a day insanity like lately, but the occasional update.) With luck, there will be photos included.

Of The Baby. Of course. What else would I take photos of? Cows?