Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Year of Me

So, after two days of moodily flipping through knitting books, I had this kind of mental list of stuff I wanted to knit next year. I was going to make a list, like with paper and pencil, but I figure if I do it here, I'll know where to find it later and you guys can all get a good laugh, all at the same time. This list is stupid crazy. (Without even setting it out to look at, I know I've got at least five years' worth of knitting I want to do next year. It's probably more like ten.) This is probably going to be like my 'goals for 2006' list, only this time I won't have pregnancy hormones to blame. (I am SO not pregnant. NOT. So do not think it, do not suggest it, do not look at me funny. NO.)

Photos included where possible.

Something mitered in a sweater shape, with yarn I bought last month. I've got a photo here in "Patchwork Knitting" by Horst Shultz that I'm gonna try to copy half-assedly. It's the beige-and-colors sweater on pages 40 and 41, if you have the book and care to look it up. I would be using the variegated aqua cotton in place of the beige.

An Egyptian-motif sweater that's been rattling around my head for at least three years. I wanna send the design to Knitty and call it "Tut tut". Since they found that new tomb, seems appropriate to knit it now. One idea source here.

The lopi jacket for our Steek-along.

"Innsvinget jakke med broderi" from "Norsk Strikkedesign". I've got half the yarn for it already. (I'm gonna knit it with Brown Sheep sport. No importing yarn from Norway for me, thanks. I can't afford it.) This one would definitely be for ME. I have wanted this jacket since I bought the book back in, what, 2003? Photo of this one available on my 2006 goals list.

A wave sweater. Another design I wanna sell, so I'm not getting into details. But it'd be pretty and flattering to nearly everyone and an easy knit, so... I just gotta do it.

The hexagons-and-stars jacket in shades of blue and green, from "Glorious Knitting". I have wanted to knit this sweater since the book first came out, and I finally have the skills and the yarn access to do it. Now I have to find the time. I've got just oodles of that, what with a toddler and all.

A casual lace pullover for over tank tops, with lavender cotton I have sitting in the yarn closet. The yarn's been sitting there at least a year. Urgh.

The Toddler Alert sweater, another design idea in my head, for the baby. If I did it soon, she could wear it this winter. If I get off my ass and do it, it'd be a freebie pattern over with the scarves.

The linen bathrobe/kimono thingie from Mason*Dixon knitting. Photo here, scroll down just a little. The purple one.

A custom-designed Fair-Isle using the 2/8 merino I used for the Blue Shimmer, to enter in the state fair next year. (I am a glutton for punishment.) Blue interlocking triskeles on a peach/pink/maybe light yellow background. This would also be for me. I freaking love that yarn.

The husbeast wants a blankie for watching TV in winter, and I want to do a modular deal that looks like a patchwork quilt, in beige, brown, and slate blue, to match the living room.

The "Leaf Kimono" from "America Knits", book by Melanie Flalick, design by Donna Brunton. Page 67 in the soft cover version of the book. This, I just want to knit, not neccessarily KEEP. It'd make a nice Christmas gift for my mother-in-law next year.

"Sandcastles and Starfish" design from "America Knits", page 145, for the baby next summer.

A twisted-stitch sweater, based on sweaters in "Two-End Knitting" by Anne-Maj Ling. Cool, trippy designs, especially in flashing colors that make your eyes cross. I'm thinking light yellow and peach, or turquoise and purple. The book can be seen here, but you can't really see what the sweaters on the cover look like.

...Yeah. I could go on. But you see my problem. This doesn't include next year's lace entry for the fair, or the skull and crossbones sweater the husbeast wants next year (yes, he's already plotting next year's gift, he's as bad as I am), or something for my father-in-law (though I'm thinking one of Kaffe's earthy jackets would work for him). That's fourteen sweaters in the list, plus the two gifts mentioned and a doily. Sixteen sweaters and a doily next year. That's, what, a sweater every three weeks? Suuuuure. Especially when many of them are over fifty inches/110cm around.

And I wanna knit a blankie for my office. And this list doesn't even contain all the goals from this year that I didn't meet. And I want to work out a barter with a spinner I know, to spin a roving I dye so that I can knit a sweater with the yarn. And I want to experiment with dyeing my own stuff. And I wanna knit myself some socks that fit. Preferably more than one pair.

I am out of my fucking mind.

And blogger's not uploading photos. I'll put in links if I can.


JessZ said...

Wow, uh, good luck with that.

FairyGodKnitter said...

As my mother always says, "It's important to have goals." Of course she always said, "It's important to be realistic", too.

Even if you get half of it done, that will be an awsome year.

Amy Lane said...

hee hee hee hee...I'm so impressed someone else is as nucking futs as I am... dream on, oh Samurai Knitter, dream on...

debsnm said...

I'm totally digging that "ingerfasette thingy what's it" - but I think I'm headed back into my lace obsession - that's why I drug out a gathering of lace.