Friday, October 13, 2006

More mutterings of discontent.

'Cause I know you guys live for this.

The husbeast, always happy to be helpful, has listened to state fair related grousing for about twenty hours now, and pointed out that if I'd competed in the Ohio fairs (where we grew up) "They would have handed you your ass at the county level and you'd have never made it to state." Much though I hate to admit it, he's right. We grew up in Amish country, and those women know how to KNIT. They'd have been like "Oh, look, pink-haired haole girl wants to play. Isn't that sweet?" (Okay, so most Amish women don't use Hawaiian slang, but that'd be the gist of it. I don't speak their language to know what their slang is.)

In a roundup of replies to comments: No, there weren't any placers at all in ladies' sweaters. I assume this means that no one was good enough to warrant a ribbon, because I find it hard to believe that I was the only person to enter a woman's sweater in the entire state. And much thanks for the support on the Blue Shimmer, but really, other than the idiotic gauge, it really is an average sweater. Nice, but not terriblly unusual. (Plus it's cursed. We can't forget that part.)

We DO get money for winning, and I wonder if their budget has anything to do with how few ribbons they awarded, but since I win $10 for my second place finish, I doubt giving out a few more was going to break the bank. $50 went to the 'best in show' person, everyone else won $15 or less, depending on placement and category.

Anyway. Enough about the state fair. (At least until I get up to Columbia tomorrow and see what the competition was. I swear I'm taking photos, even if they say not to.)

The socks and the husbeast's sweater continue apace; much like the photos from yesterday, only bigger. And I still think those size seven needles are huge and the knitting is going lightning fast, even though it's over 240 stitches for the chest. (54"/118cm chest. Oy. One time when we were bored and I was skinnier - though not THAT much skinnier - we started comparing body measurements and my thigh was only three or four inches larger than his bicep. And I'm 5'9"/152cm tall, not a shrimp.) I'm already worrying over whether I'll have enough yarn. You can never start too soon.

The husbeast DID get the perscription out of the doctor's office yesterday. The problem: My doctor is on leave (I wondered about that because she's usually VERY good about this kind of thing) and all the nurses are idiots. The great husbeast quote of the day: "She's trying to get medication out of you to deal with STRESS so you guys give her the run-around for two weeks? DO YOU THINK AT ALL?" Heh heh heh.

And I have agreed to host a family Thanksgiving (third Thursday in November, for those of you outside the US), which means I need to start cleaning NOW. I'm so not kidding.


debsnm said...

My mother announced 2 weeks ago that she's coming to my house for Thanksgiving. I'm SO with you on the cleaning!

debsnm said...

I love how when you screw up on the word verification-thingy they give you fewer letters - like fewer letters is for fewer brain cells or something! lol

Amy Lane said...

gods...your house is spankin' clean compared to mine...(4 kids, full time job, and apparently no homemaker's conscience whatsoever...none. At all. My house would make a feng suei expert throw up. A lot.) You just continue to grumble about the state fair thing...all that trouble on a cursed sweater? You should get a ribbon on that alone.

KnitTech said...

Cursed? I'll need to find those posts.

April said...

You were robbed. Knitting judges, what the hell do they know?

More baby pictures?

Sheepish Annie said...

I can never host a Thanksgiving. The condition of my home, even at it's cleanest, would send my mother into cardiac arrest. Then who would actually cook the turkey?

I'm still grumpy on your behalf about the fair. I'm lighting a candle for Blue Shimmer and looking up de-cursifying chants.

Joanne said...

Thanksgiving is the FOURTH Thursday in November!

Don't fix dinner too soon -- your company won't be there!


Bells said...

you are so not 152cm tall (short!) Not if you're 5'9"!! I'm 160cm tall (short) and that's about 5'1"!!

Bummer about the fair. There is no justice. I could weep.

Rae said...

You were stressed about the doctor, and you're hosting Thanksgiving? Are you fucking nuts???

How about if you make your guests clean as pennance for descending on your home and wrecking your kitchen? "I got nice juicy dark meat in exchange for scrubbing around the bottom of the toilet. Going once . . . going twice . . . "

Oh, I really do love my family. No no, I don't mean to say I don't. They deserve a clean house. Really. It just won't be cleaned by *my* hands.