Sunday, October 22, 2006

I have a body.

That's the Husbeast Gansey up to the arm pits. I need to knit the sleeves, join together, etc. in the classic Percentage System knitting method. Unfortunately, all I've got of the sleeves is this:

I've got a serious case of knitting ennui going on around here. I'm sick of looking at everything. Friday night Me Knitting was ditched in favor of going to bed early with a murder mystery. Yesterday I didn't knit a stitch. I spent the day flipping through my Kaffe Fassett books, plotting a way to knit them myself with some kind of affordable yarn. (WHO is the fucker at Rowan Yarns who either numbers colors or names them things like 'gorse' and 'matador' and 'storm' and 'biffo'?? What the fuck color is a matador?) I'm thinking of knitting at least one Fassett adaptation during the Year of Me, but I've got about ten years' worth of sweaters planned for next year, so we'll have to see if I actually get to it.

While I wasn't knitting yesterday, we re-arranged my office. Or rather, the husbeast rearranged my office while I kept the baby out from underfoot and told him where I wanted stuff. With all the shuffling around, the office is now un-baby-proofed again. This morning the little shit has gotten ahold of scissors, my Chibi needle case, and assorted knitting needles. All eye-pokers. Mother of the year, right here.

I also realized today that it's nine weeks to Christmas and I've still got three more damn scarves to knit. Instead of putting them off longer I'm going to try to knit them now and get them out of the way. Me knitting bites the dust for another little while. (Bet you're shocked.) I wonder just how long it takes to knit up 225 yards of yarn on size ten needles. Even with a lace pattern I ought to be able to crank out one a week and get it over with, fast.

Next year, everybody gets cookies.


TrishJ said...

Buckeyes! I want BUCKEYES!!

Dude, I'm thinking after the massive Blue Shimmer/lace push, you deserve to go to bed with a murder mystery. As far as not being baby-proof, oy. At least you have EMT training.

Sheepish Annie said...

Everybody need some "body."

I'm thinking that it will be a cookie year here at Chez Sheep. There is no way that my knitting speed is up to filling the gift list.

Really, I think that you are just toughening up your baby. Kids today are just too coddled what with our protecting them from scissors and stuff... ;)