Monday, October 02, 2006


Suddenly everydamnbody is interested in the sweater. The cat wants to sleep on it (in the photo she is edging stealthily and has been pawing at it... soon as I got the camera she tried to look innocent. Damned cat).

The baby wants to either play with it or pull it apart... I can't tell for sure and I don't want to know.

And I spent the day dealing with felted-together ends going in all directions. Deeelightful.

It took two hours, but the ends are darned in. The neckline is done (the knitting part, anyway) and the sleeves and neck still need hemmed. (That usually doesn't take long, once you get in the groove.) I measured for the tenth time and still came up with the right length measurement, so I am knitting on the bottom hem right now. After that it's just hemming everything and blocking and it's done. None too soon 'cause it's due Wednesday.

I ordered yarn from Elann for the husbeast's Christmas sweater in a nice, super-heavy, gigantic worsted weight that will knit up on size sixes/4mm or thereabouts and seem positively huge. Plus I got a pile of cotton for an idea that's been lurking. And I've still got three bloody scarves to knit on size tens. Things are calming down. I will meet the Christmas deadline, even hiding the husbeast's project and working on something else in the evenings so he doesn't see it.

Thanks, everyone, for the kind words about the doily. It was one of those projects that was surprising, how good it looked when it was done. Blocking lace never gets old. It's like a magic trick.

Back to the sock mines.


Sheepish Annie said...

I almost postivie that the baby is admiring the sweater not plotting it's demise! As well she should. Nice work!

Bells said...

Still cheering you on all the way from Australia....!!

TrishJ said...

I think the cat and baby are trying to plant mind control devices within the sweater...

April said...

As long as neither spits up on it, it's all good.