Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I need a martini...

... a cage, and a new set of hands.

Fun times abound at the House O' Samurai. Over at the Navy base they have shut down some doohicky for repairs and it has to be re-started within 48 hours or we all glow in the dark or there's a big boom or something. So the husbeast has been working 'round the clock, inspecting stuff.

Which means I have had the baby 24 hours straight, two days in a row.

And she's teething.

Fun, fun times.

My method of dealing with this is to hunker down on the couch, trying to ignore everything, and knit. (I'm a stress knitter. Anyone else do that? Knit to keep their hands busy so they don't throw dishes or kill anyone?) So now my hands are killing me and the knitting isn't de-stressing me any more. Though I did get both heels turned and am halfway down the foot of one sock and about that far on the other. If I don't run out of steam, these may be done by the weekend. If my hands don't fall off.

It only took me 36 hours to figure out the baby was teething (I so flunk motherhood for the week) and now that I've dosed her with Motrin she's out cold in her crib, sleeping off a two day rampage of toy-throwing, screaming fits, and cat tormenting. (Do you have any idea how far a little baby finger can go down into a cat's ear? I half expected to see her finger come out the other side of the cat's head.)

Next week, I want to be the one who gets to do screaming fits.

Anyway, the cat's the only one dealing properly with the whole situation: she's hiding under the blankets on my office couch.


Sheepish Annie said...

Poor teething baby, poor Samurai Knitter, poor husbeast...this sounds like a baaaaad week! Hang in there and have two martinis!

Alwen said...

When I was a new mom with a tiny newborn, at about three or four weeks I discovered the child had little balls of gray fuzz in both palms, like a dust bunny, in each hand. I felt like a complete failure as a mom. Who knew you had to clean out their tiny little hands?

I say if fiber addiction keeps us from killing our young, fiber addiction is a good thing. Like I used to tell my old boss, for me obsessive compulsive is not a disorder, it's a lifestyle!

Amy Lane said...

Definitely hang in there... my oldest son has a communication handicap--it blew out his reception centers so he spent his first year screaming frequently. It was so bad (but so unacknowledged by the doctors who thought I was nuts) that when his littler sister was born, we took her in for her first round of shots and it turned out she had a DOUBLE EAR INFECTION. We thought all babies cried that much. My F is soooooooo much lower than your F, that if we grade on the curve, you (and alwen!) actually passed. I do hope your week improves--and Husbeasts too, especially with that whole, radioactive thing...that's bad.