Sunday, October 29, 2006

The weekend from hell.

No, it wasn't really THAT bad... no emergency room visits or police at the house or restraining orders issued or property damage. It's just that nothing, NOTHING, has gone right.

I tore out all the knitting on the mohair scarf and re-cast-on for three pattern repeats instead of five. (This is what I get for not doing anything like a gauge swatch, after writing an article on gauge swatches.) Not only have I wasted all that time, but the yarn now looks like a wet rat. VERY attractive for gift giving.

I made waffles and put too much batter in the waffle iron and it oozed out and pooled on the countertop and cooked itself to the outside of the waffle iron. THREE TIMES IN A ROW.

The baby was up all night last night, howling at the moon. Dadad has yet to figure out when she's seriously upset and when she's milking it for attention and I had to go into the nursery around three AM and send everyone to bed. (Including the cat.) How is it that I ended up in charge around here?

When SHE didn't have me up, the asshole neighbor's car alarm woke me up. Twice.

This morning, I realized there's a difference between all the clocks in the house and the computer and suddenly realized we were doing Daylight Savings or Winter Freeze Your Ass or Ben Franklin's Fucked Up Idea Time and had to re-set all the clocks. (Hawaii doesn't do the time change thing, so we tend to forget, now that we're back on the mainland. I know we've been back on the mainland two years, but our brains are still on Hawaiian Standard.) Which means I put the baby down for a nap at the wrong time and she's going to be even MORE screwed up.

The cat is stoned on catnip. I envy her.


Amy Lane said...

So do I...I envy that cat A LOT... (If I tell you I like daylight savings time does that mean the relationship is over?)

Sheepish Annie said...

You can buy waffles already waffled. Just a little cooking tip from The Sheep to The Samurai! ;)

I also forgot about the clocks. And I had to set them anyway due to a five hour power outage. I might need to be taking more vitamins or something...

Alwen said...

This weekend, I had no phone, so no email to read, no blogs or Knitty board. Husband was gone to a drill weekend (supervising rifle fire in chilly rain, didn't envy him) and I forgot the time change until he came home and asked if I changed the clocks. Huh? DST over already? Wah?