Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Babbling on no subject.

There's not a thing going on around here in terms of excitement.

The socks are almost finished and probably won't fit me unless a miracle happens when I wash them. I've got really high arches and apparently the heel flap/gusset deal isn't big enough. Urg.

Still plugging away on the husbeast's gansey. It's about a foot deep now. It's a nice mindless knit of k3 p1 ribbing, so I can do it while playing baby warden. Or watching TV, or reading books, or staring into space.

It seems that my medication has finally kicked in, again. After sleeping all day yesterday, I feel positively human today. Very exciting.

For all of you out there who think my house is clean, I submit for you this photo:

The baby climbed up there all by herself, that's why she looks so pleased with herself. That's right; she can climb but she won't walk. Little shit.

Thank you, everyone, for all the birthday wishes. It was a nice day, on the quiet side, with no major catastrophes. I got several yarny gift certificates and I'm now trying to plot the Year of Me in knitting so that I can get the yarn I need to knit a couple of the projects. (First I need to finish up the one-armed sweater, I'd say.) I'm wavering between a denim cotton cableknit and a blanket with the color wheel knit into it. Decisions, decisions. Maybe both?


Rae said...

I always find blankets to be interminably boring knits. A colorway blanket might keep the interest.

Amy Lane said...

You could do both, I have no doubts... but I sort of agree w/rae...I'd rather knit a sweater/hat/sock/scarf, and crochet a blanket....

Bells said...

oh yes, crocheting a blanket makes much more sense. Maybe it's the fact that crochet blankets are items rooted deep in my craft memory, but the idea of knitting a blanket just doesn't work for me.

But then I used to say knitting didn't work for me.

Can I be the president of the Baby's fan club? I think she needs her own website!

Sheepish Annie said...


April said...

I'm thinking a lovely king size Aran blanket with a deadline of oh ... three weeks from now. Given your love of deadlines and all. Knitted on 000 needles.

Alwen said...

Ohhhhhh, yeah, that high arch thing, the kind of foot that leaves a nearly separate heel and ball-of-foot print. Got those!

On the other hand, once you figure out how to knit socks that custom-fit your feet (see "Year of Me" in knitting!), your feet will be in footie heaven.

You'll walk around in your hand-knit socks thinking how weirdly good they feel because the heel is not up the back of your ankle, or pulling down onto the bottom of your foot.

(Well, at least instead of a foot rant, you got a swoony rapture over handknit, fitted socks!)