Sunday, October 15, 2006

Reason prevails.

It annoys me that I'm so mellow most of the time, which makes me annoyed, not mellow, but then I mellow out... oh, to hell with it.

I'm thinking perhaps we should wait until closer to the time I move out of South Carolina to send the knitting judges at the fair hate mail. We'll be here at least two more years, which gives me two more shots at getting a blue ribbon out of the fascists, if we don't blow it by making them hate me. I'm VERY tempted to find the pattern this year's winner used, and knit it up for next year using tatting cotton and the trusty 0000 needles and see what they do with THAT. Anyone recognize the pattern? It looks vaguely familiar to me... internet searching to commence, may the knitting gods help me.

As for the baby and the kitty and the horses... our cat is pretty big. For a cat. I mean, she's not horse-sized or anything, but she is the size of a small dog. (One afternoon a month or so ago, I didn't have my glasses on and saw a guy walking what I would have SWORN was a cat, and wondered how he got it so well leash trained. I put my glasses on and realized, no, it was a dog.) She weighs about fifteen pounds and comes up almost to my knee. Yesterday, we think the baby mistook the horses for cats because they were a good distance away and probably looked about the same size - at a year old I doubt she's really good at gauging size over distance. Last night I caught her trying to crawl on top of the cat and I wonder if the baby's got this bright idea that she can ride. Poor fucking cat.

I got four inches of Husbeast Sweater knit on the drive yesterday, and am to the toe shaping on one sock and working down the foot on the other; still hoping to have them done within a day or two. With this new perscription I'm back to drug-related problems which is both a good and a bad thing; I may feel like crap, but I hope to get the husbeast and the baby out of the house this afternoon and have a few hours' peace. I can knit a lot in three hours.


The Queen-a Athena said...

Calling the horses "kitty" is a very common error in language development - it's called generalization. Kids that age haven't learned to break things down real well yet, so all four-legged animals are "doggy" or "kitty," all women are Mommy, etc.

But I do love the thought of her trying to ride the cat. Yee-haw!

debsnm said...

It looks like a basic pattern that might have possibly been made up - I can't see the center very well, but the next row looks like a peacock feather from the Peacock shawl, then just a repetitive leaf pattern, with a knitted-on leaf patten on the outside. You could do much better!

Amy Lane said...

What does one do with three hours of time in the house alone? Only Mate knows... (so...tatoo? Very curious--I've got a couple and I like to exchange stories...)