Saturday, January 06, 2007

I'm gonna do it.

With a few rule adjustments. I'm not going to quit buying yarn, because for starters I've got to get that Esty shop up and running, and I think buying yarn for resale should be exempt anyway.

However, I've got FIVE sweaters' worth of yarn in that closet now, thanks to Netter's wonderful contribution. So I'm going to knit that up before looking around for other projects to work on. Which should take me on through to spring, at least. I've gotta get moving - I think Netter's yarn is going to turn into my very first pattern submission for Knitty.

After that, buying yarn for projects listed in the 'Year of Me' goal list is okay, and sock yarn, but NOTHING ELSE. For the rest of the year, not just until September. And during the year I'm going to actively seek out ways to use up everything I've got piled up in there; felted containers and a oddball rug for my kitchen are at the top of my list.

If, through some miracle, I use up all the odd balls in the closet (figure the odds), I will still stick to only buying yarn for 'Year of Me' projects. Heaven knows there are enough of them.

Ideally, I will work on one 'Year of Me' project and one 'use up oddballs' project at the same time; those will be my two ongoings. I'm doing that right now, coincidentally, since the crochet cotton for the Bubble Curtain came out of the infamous box.

Using up the box of crochet cotton is not a priority for this or any other year. It'll take me more than 365 days to knit up nine miles of the stuff. But I will use contents from The Box to make this year's state fair entry.

Of course, this just means I'll spend my yarn budget on knitting books.


Alwen said...

Having just finished a year of stash dieting, now I'm thinking about applying that to everything-buying.

The stash diet made me really think about what I expect to get when I buy new thread/yarn/fiber et cetera.

Not to mention I have "Not Buying It" waiting for pick-up at the library.

Anonymous said...

I'm eagerly awaiting your review of the newest Vogue Knitting. I certainly enjoyed your last review!

Sheepish Annie said...

I've been yarn dieting since the fall when I went paycheckless for a month. It's taken me a while to catch up so working with what I had on hand just made sense.

It is really quite doable! There are shelves in the spare bedroom that I haven't seen in years due to their yarn storage! Here's to stash knitting!

Until your shop opens, that is...

Bells said...

God, what brought that on??? I didn't see that coming! Did you finally get around to cleaning up your yarn closet after posting the photo of it the other day?

As I just said on Netter's blog, I'm worried I'll discover how much there is in my stash that I don't like. Is that why I haven't used much of it yet, because I actually bought crap????

Amy Lane said...

The thought leaves me cold. I couldn't do it--it would be like giving up breathing. Wow--I'm in awe.