Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Stress, a sock, and a baby.

Kind of in that order.

Remember last week when I was saying there was nothing happening in my life and that was good? Yeah. Well. Stuff happened. Mainly health issues of family members, but there's a lot of it from different directions and I wanna crawl under my futon and not come out. (The husbeast calls this my hermit crab method of stress management.) I'd go into details, but members of my family like privacy, so... no blasting it out over the internet. (Privacy. Huh. Never heard of it.)

Anyway. I got up this morning, and found this on the couch:

And I was all ready to beat Sekhmet the cat into oblivion (I believe I even yelled "Sekhmet, you fucker!") when THIS happened:

So I'm not entirely sure the cat is to blame. Though judging from past behavior, I'm willing to blame both of them.

The Baby followed this up with learning how to climb on the couch, and bouncing up and down on it (caught here in action), reducing my day to pulling her off the couch, off the hearth, out of the toy basket, out of the shelves in the entryway...

In the midst of everything, I knit a swatch out of Really Ugly Sock Yarn (created by dumping all the leftover dye at the end of the day onto a lump of yarn) and cast on for a sock... isn't that proper knitter stress management? Knitting a sock?

The Ugly Socks are preparation and practice, after which I will knit myself some Really Pretty Socks with the OTHER yarn I dyed. It's an aqua dip dye. I love it.

Anyway, The Baby is now banished to her crib after a morning of raising hell, and I am off to knit something - anything.

We've got one person up to the arm pits on their jacket. How is everyone else coming?

Cindy, if you're willing to wait for a few folks to catch up, I will post the next steps here. If you're on fire and wanna do the sleeves NOW, e-mail me and I'll send you the directions.


Sheepish Annie said...

Dunno if it's proper or not, but the sock knitting has certainly been my stress management tool of choice lately! And who doesn't need a sock or two?

Hope things go well for the family and that the baby learns how to safely use a parachute!

Netter said...

Hey, I thought babies bounce! I survived a tumble off the couch and onto the coffee table when I was learning to walk. Don't want to talk about B's fall of the changing table. I don't find your swatch terribly unappealing. Actually, I kind of like it.

Anonymous said...

that's what we need - more pictures of the Baby holding stuff, modelling stuff etc. Those little hands. So cute...

Sorry to hear things are crap. Hugs. Just knit more. It's good for you.

And i am nowhere near the armpit of my jacket, unless I'm making an extremely cropped jacket! lol! Don't wait for me!

Catie said...

I kindof like the ugly sock yarn colours... Perhaps not in the skein but knit up it looks fun. I would buy it.

Amy Lane said...

mama plays with yarn, baby plays with yarn... (I broke off a tail from my cast on the other day, and the cave troll had a FIT...apparently, it's bad to break yarn...bad mama, bad mama...put it back!!!)

Hope the family gets better as a whole...(My husband drew the line at me blogging about his vasectomy...stifling creative expression, that's what it is!) Socks are a great stress drug...knit on, mighty Samurai, knit on!

Jejune said...

I actually SAW Bells' Steek Along Jacket for real a few nights ago, and can attest that it looks simply GORGEOUS, and she's knitting like a pro! You should see her in action, with her two colours in two hands, whizzing along the rows - very impressive!

Sorry about the family health crap - I can relate... similar challenges here too. I have that instinct to run away and hide, only I go for a cave. Just go a day at a time, and don't think too much about what's to come... (((hugs)))

And last (and probably least) I've FINALLY posted my 'Where I Knit' photo for you, Julie, if you want to check it out :)

Rae said...

WOW. I really love the "mutt" yarn. It turned out really nicely.

Ah baby. ;) If you haven't done so yet, you might try giving her her own set of circs and a cheap skein. Keeps my DD out of my knitting all the time.

Kristen said...

I'm with bells. Picture of baby holding yarn cake aloft = precious.

neek said...

Hi, long time lurker de-lurking here just to say that your knitty article on cheating at color theory has wowed me into actually commenting (: It's definitely the most useful thing I've ever read about choosing colour in knitting, after reading it that lightbulb in my head goes *ding*! and I feel like running to the nearest place I can find yarn just to choose something so I can knit me some fair isle!

Sorry to hear about the family health issues, hope things get better real soon. I just wanted to say great blog!

Anonymous said...

I must de-lurk to say I love the ugly sock yarn! It looks so cool knit up... Hope your week gets better!

Rae said...

Apologies, Julie -- this is a message to Amy Lane --

Amy, blogger says your site is down! Did you switch to the beta version? Hope to see you back up soon.

OK, resume normal commenting. I'm taking great great great liberties of the whole community thing by posting about one blogger's blog on another blogger's blog, but so it goes. That's networking, eh!

Alwen said...

Rae, is it the "bX-vjhbsj" error? I just tried to view my own blog and a bunch of other Blogger blogs, and so far Julie's is one of the few to come up.
is no help, as they have a hundred posts on the bX-vjhbsj error, and no replies from any Blogger employees.

Okay, I'm seeing a pattern here -- looks like anyone who tried to publish their blog today is down. Everyone who posted yesterday or earlier is up.

Rae said...

alwen -- yup, it's that error. Glad I posted last night. I'll hunker down for awhile until it passes. ;)

Anonymous said...

Glad to see the baby is feeling better - once she's started jumping there's no stopping them!

Having problems with the computer so... can't sign in anywhere.

Re the steeked jacket I am to the armpits but I can wait until people catch up too.


Bells said...

I am so far behind others on the jacket. Sigh. It's because of my 'troubles' which have been painstakingly documented.

I'm starting to fly though and it's cooler now, so I hope to catch up soon. I'm probably close to my belly button now.