Friday, January 05, 2007

A quick note.

Here at House O' Samurai we're having a spot of trouble involving routers, wireless networks, babies pulling out USB plugs, and the like. If I happen to go incommunicado for a day or two and don't answer e-mail or comments or whatever, don't worry. Likely our biggest problem is the cat accidentally knocking out a power cord. (AGAIN.) Just so ya know. There was a moment tonight when it looked like we weren't going to have internet connection for a week, and the husbeast and I both broke out in a cold sweat.

The Baby, of course, said, "Good, you can play with me all day!"


Bells said...

Julie, how you could knit, or blog or anything with a little face like that begging you to play is beyond me. :-)

Catie said...

right, well my cats have also opened freezers and unplugged fridges (geeze, we almost called the landlord thinking that the fridge was broken...). Right now they attack the Christmas tree and I find new pieces every morning on the floor.

Amy Lane said...

Wait until she can talk. She'll have you gobsmacked sideways. She's so damned cute now, I can just see it coming.