Friday, January 19, 2007

How to use up stash.

1. Knit some experimental shapes with wool.

2. Felt them in the washing machine.

3. Pull them out and realize the ideas didn't work.

4. Throw away.

Et voila. Two balls of yarn used up.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget you can cut felted wool perhaps you can cut up the shapes, sew em together and make a quilted blanket - I have one made that way from my great grandmother made sometime in the ealy 1900's. Its pretty cool and very warm.
Even if the colors are hideous it could be a dog rug for the car or whatever

Catie said...

you missed the picture part so that we all remember that you are not invincible

Amy Lane said...

okay, in my house, those things would have lingered to become doll blankets, coasters, things to throw at siblings, and vacuum cleaner fodder.

Julie said...

I did ask the husbeast, later, if he wanted a felted frisbee to throw at the baby. He said no. I was glad, 'cause I didn't wanna go trash can diving.

Anonymous said...

I've got the first felted bag I made-a s--t brown color that I've decided I really don't like. I've been thinking about making it into a dog toy for the dogs to chew on.

Bells said...

why didn't you post pictures before you threw them out, you know, just to show us you're human! LOL!

Hey, how's the sleeve of the jacket going?