Thursday, January 04, 2007

Well, that's done.

The last of the articles (twice as long as requested, with about 10MB worth of photos attatched) are winging their electronic way to Canada, and I am back to having no deadlines and being able to knit whatever I want. Whee!

These are the current projects:

On the left, the steeked jacket (you can see I'm not much further than anyone else), and on the right, the very beginnings of the lace curtain. I'm not pushing on the lace, it's just there as something to knit on when the heavy stuff makes my hands hurt and I still feel like knitting. It'll be lucky to get done by summer.

I am attempting to exhibit some kind of project monogamy, so I'm not starting anything else major until the steeked jacket is done. It has suddenly clicked in my brain that the next sweater after this is the Geometric Star, so I'm knitting like a fiend. (Inspiration is where you find it.) Plus the weather's been chilly (hah - below 70, barely) and it'd be nice to have the jacket to wear.

Otherwise, yesterday sucked. As evidenced by this lovely photo:

That's my brand-new martini shaker. See the big, jagged gaping hole in the side of it? On it's SECOND DAMN USE, it shattered. Fortunately I'd had a towel wrapped around it, or the glass would have wound up in my hand. As it was, it destroyed a mangotini that had to be poured down the drain. I just got the thing for Christmas, and it's toast. This really pisses me off. And it's not like I was using it to hammer nails, for crying out loud. I was making a martini in a martini shaker, and it BROKE. What the fuck is up with that??!!??

At least I still have the cool glasses I got to go with it. I went back to mixing my martinis in tupperwear. No style. It's the year of Bond (007, get it?) and I'm shaking martinis in a plastic container. No style whatsoever. Yes, this really pissed me off.

Anyway. The baby is asleep, the cat is asleep, I don't have any more looming deadlines... I think I'm gonna go knit something. Cheers!


Bells said...

that does suck, well and truly. the last thing you need with looming deadlines is to waste alcohol and break a gift. Bugger.

Project monogamy! I love it. I think it's my theme for the year. I'm allowed to work on, for the moment, the steeked jacket and a sock or scarf (gifts). And that's it.

And your steeked jacket is light years ahead of mine. I only just hit the first coloured row on the hem.

Netter said...

I used to be monogamous. Now, I don't even know how many things I've started and put down. Oh well, monogamy starts again soon with the next birthday approaching.

I think there's a reason we use a plastic martini shaker. Not that slick, but it get's the job done.

Sheepish Annie said...

Bummer about the shaker...but any martini is a good martini, right? Even if it's in Tupperware!


Alwen said...

Ouch. I hate things that break when you are using them for their intended purpose!

Glass that "flies" like that probably wasn't annealed properly. I'm taking it that this was a gift, otherwise I suggest contacting the manufacturer. If they put out a bad batch, usually they'll exchange it or reimburse you.

Of course these days, if they're made in China, you can't always reach the manufacturer!

When I was a kid, my mom liked these thick, heavy juice glasses she could only find in Windsor, Canada. She got a bad batch once that would fly if you just looked at them. Normally they didn't break even if you dropped them on the concrete steps!

Anonymous said...

Bah humbug on flimsy martini shakers! That's no fun. But a mangotini sounds tres yummy.
And good for you for being monogamous with your knitting! I right now have only 2 projects, and they are still more than enough :-)

Anonymous said...

Hmm, made in China?

Try a metal shaker, my hubbys had his for 4 yrs regular use still cooking and looks cool