Thursday, January 11, 2007

I lost my head a little.

The Cat Bordhi book was just sitting there, with the yarn and the Denise set, and when I finished the Steeked Jacket body it was kind of crying out, and, well...

That's a moebius band (with three twists) in the middle of an applied I-cord bindoff. I meant to take photos of the cast-on and the knitting process, but I was too busy going "Dude. This is just so messed up." The cast-on is related to the figure-eight seamless cast-on for toe-up socks, if you've ever done that. You coil the circular needle around twice and knit from the center of the band, outward toward the edges:

The cast-on was where the stockinette an the reverse-stockinette bits meet. (Apparently I was supposed to knit and purl alternately on the rounds, and I just knit. Too busy going "Dude..." to read the directions.)

The husbeast took a look at it and asked 'When was the last time you knit a plain old square?' and I've been thinking about it, and, honestly, I can't remember.

Here's what I've got as of today:

Next, I pick up around the outside edge, keeping the three folds intact, and knit a bowl. The one in the book is VERY cool, I'm hoping this prototype will lead to some neat-looking yarn-user-uppers that I can unload as gifts next Christmas. (It's never too soon to think about Christmas.)

The Baby has begun a career in modern art.

She calls this installation "Alone" and explained to me it is supposed to echo with the primal one-ness of the juice cup, all alone in the midst of the shoes. I'm thinking maybe she needs more time with her Play-Doh. (If only she'd quit eating it.)

I am brooding over the Strikke-along idea and I think we should allow anything remotely Scandinavian (Dale of Norway, anyone? Latvian mittens?), not just sweaters from "Norsk Strikkedesign". (Considering this current Ganser is knit with American wool using Scottish steeks and modern hems, I am in no position to sneer about validity of tradition.) We could do it in the fall. I'll brood over it some more and maybe offer up a suggested reading list one of these days soon.


Amy Lane said...

I'd do that with mittens! (Cat Bordhi seems to make people go DUDE!!! a lot... someday a Cat Bordhi pattern and I must meet.)

FairyGodKnitter said...

Since I'm already doing the Dale KAL that starts on the 20th, I went out and finally bought the Norsk Strikedesign book that I've wanted forever. I told my LYS proprietor that Julie made me do it. So she pointed out the kit for the Birds and Flowers sweater just to tempt me further. So just let me file my tax return and I'll earmark part of the refund for the kit and be ready to cast on with you whenever. Of, I did pick up the Poetry in Stitches book too.

Bells said...

That's one gifted child you have there. She spends a lot of time watching Mummy do clever stuff and wants to be just like you.

I'll look for the book on amazon and give it some thought. Please, don't start it too soon. When is fall for you? That's September right? AGES away.

Julie said...

September, October. Somewhere around there would be good.