Sunday, January 07, 2007

Hey, readers!

This means you!

I try to keep up with everyone reading my blog, and if I can track you back to YOUR blog, I put you in my bloglines list and read you. It's, like, community, dude. But I can't build a community if y'all lurk. Especially in the case of this "Where I Knit" deal, I WANT to see the photos, so make sure I know where they are, huh? Drop me a line!

And FYI, consider putting your e-mail addy in your profile. Odds are good I'll e-mail back if I have anything to say, and can track you down. (I always leave my e-mail on blogs, and you'd be AMAZED at who I hear back from. Many published authors I'd think have no time for lil' old me. But they answer.) The e-mail never shows in the blog comments, just on your profile, which I can track to from the comments. I've gotten a couple really cool penpals this way; you could be next. IF I KNEW WHAT YOUR E-MAIL ADDY WAS.

I've never gotten spammed for having my e-mail in my profile, or even on my blog, right there at the bottom of the page. No, I don't have any special spam filters on my computer.

And if you don't have a profile or a blog, e-mail me and say hello. I'm not gonna get mad. Honest. Several readers here have done so, and I've been downright pleasant. (Okay, so I teased Bells a little bit about her math skills. But in a nice way. Really.)

So. Contacts, people, contacts.

This concludes my drugged ramblings for today. Thank you, and good night. Pass the damn painkillers.


Catie said...

so how do I leave my email such that no one else but you can see it?

Julie said...

You know, now that you mention it, I don't think blogger allows that; you have to make a profile and put your e-mail in that.


How about e-mailing me to say hi? LOL I'll edit the post to make myself sound less stupid.

Damn drugs.

Camille said...

You can put in a link at the botton of your blog that'll give a direct link to your email

You just add an html element,and in the little editing window thingy, write your email addy in the text box, highlight it, make it a hyperlink and type in "" in the space for the url.

It gives you the little link like at the bottom of my blog.

If I'm not exactly clear, email me, seeing as I went to all the trouble to work out how to do it!

Camille said...

Oh, and if you edit your profile, you can check a box to show your email. People will have to check your profile to find it.

Sheepish Annie said...

Since the great Blogger upgrade of '06, the email links seem to have disappeared. Now I just get "no reply" in the address section.

But I'm workin' on it!!

Bells said...

I can vouch for this. She only teases a little. :-)And the math teasing is WELL deserved!

FairyGodKnitter said...

I know you already saw my sit and knit photo and I would've commented sooner but blogger wouldn't let me. You are always welcome at my blog and I can vouch for you as a terrific correspondent.

Pearls Mother said...

I love the baby, the cat and the knitting!

Melissa said...

All right, all right, I will de-lurk! Geesh! :) Just wanted you to know how much I enjoy reading your blog. It's one of my daily fixes. Since I follow directions well, I also put a photo of my "knitting spot" on my blog ( So there you go.

PS. I think you have the cutest baby in the world!!

Sarah said...

Hey so I'm a lurker and hear your call... .... And you do have a very cute babe, not as cute as mine of course, but I'm biased :D

Anonymous said...

Ok I've made a few lame ass comments before but I just started my blog and it's very sad looking and it has a lame ass name.I'm trying to think of something more.... more.
Anyway I love the baby pictures and I got here from one of your articles on Knitty.
I'm watching the progress of the steeked jacket with interest -no time to knit along. A guy at work and his wife just had twins and seems like half the place is expecting. I see a lot of baby sweaters in my future.

KnitTech said...

Great blog. I just have to laugh at some of the baby photos. Mine are old enough to be married. (Can you say July?!)

I'm located here.

Jilly Bean said...

I get it-- less lurking, more writing. Interesting concept, I must say.

My "where I knit" photo is now up! And for meail action, I'll just write it the way we do it over on Livejournal--- jilliana.banana at gmail dot com.

tabasco58 said...

once i tried to send You an email with a pic of a scarf. i used the nice pattern "a scarf for ally" from your blog :) . now i try (not with great success, but i try) to make my own blog, there is the pic. i just love Your writing, You made me laugh a lot of times. Thank You!

Amy Lane said...

Does anybody but me hate Blogger Beta with a passion heretofore reserved for tacky, Las-Vegas style Glitterspun shawls? Only me? Okay...I'll go home and post my 'where I knit' picture now and skulk in the lurkers corner, sneaking cyber-chocolates and reading htmls...just saying...Anyway, I think Julie knows where to find me...and I'm getting my e-mail now, so all is good... (Enjoy the painkillers for me, Julie--between my tweaked neck and this cold I'm getting and my undying, star-bright hatred for my students this school year, I can only wish for some hospital issued meds...)

Anonymous said...

Hello Julie

I've been lurking for a few months - ever since I learned to knit (I've crocheted all my life, but now I'm taking up knitting and sewing).

I LOVE reading your blog - I look forward to it.

You have definitely helped to convert me to knitting - and I'm even considering a blog.

I also covet your steeked jacket, but I'm a scared beginner knitter :)


Crazy Colorado Knitter said...

i love reading your blog -- i'm just not a big commenter. :D

Now that blogger has switched over to using my google account, I think I've gotten more email from my postings....

Off to knit group this morning; we're doing a knit-along (major peer pressure) for the KnitPicks Palette Fair Isle Cardi. I can't wait to see how the others are doing. :)