Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Further adventures in dye land.

The current experiment:

I'm working on hot-pour methods with a variety of blues and greens. (Blues are the favorite color of a majority of people so I imagine I'll be doing a lot of them.)

Yesterday I knit up some of the Purple Train Wreck:

Then I felted the hell out of it to see how colorfast it was. The color faded somewhat during the first wash - extra soap on heavy duty for 20 minutes - but after that it remained stable. And the yarn has already been hand washed, so for normal everyday use I'd say it's colorfast.

Tomorrow I dye more Purple Train Wreck.

My first shipment of sock yarn I bought on the cheap (two-ply Peruvian wool), and it looks awfully thin and splitty. I'm going to be unloading it at a bargain price once it's all dyed, and then going with a wool/nylon blend like I should have done in the first place and selling it at the real price ($20 USD per 440 yard skein). When I do post all these yarns, I'm going to do it a week or two before our next major influx of Knitty readers (beginning of March) so that you guys can have first crack at it. And as always, if anybody wants custom jobs, e-mail me and we'll negotiate. In particular, if you want to mail me the yarn and have me dye it, I can really cut some bargains. (This deal only applies to regular blog readers, which, duh, you are.)

That's the big excitement around here. Now I've got to go write more articles and mix some dye for more sock yarn (the new batch will be more green).

Here's a photo of me being loved to death last night.


Catie said...

i can feel the love emanating from my screen. The price for sock yarn seems more realistic now

Anonymous said...

love how the purple train wreck knits up. Pretty!

I'm on a yarn diet. How can I buy yarn from you in March???? Oh yeah. I know. I'll be sock yarn. Exemption and all that.

Love. Love. Love. Isn't adoration the coolest????

ps you can too see your grey bits!

Amy Lane said...

What a nice picture! You know, I accidentally felted an over-large baby hat made out of some knit-picks yarn...it came out so cut I wish I'd done it on purpose. 440 yards is A LOT.

debsnm said...

If you do the Purple Train Wreck in the cheap stuff, I'm SO THERE!! Let me know. How can you stand so much love in one chair???
(F*($ing blogger lost my post!!!!!)

Sheepish Annie said...

Love, love love the blue! And the purple train wreck? Stunning!

That is one cozy picture you got there...makes me want to settle in for some kitty love. (no babies here, so I have to make do with what I've got...)

Rae said...

the blue dye reminds me of cotton candy. Yum.