Monday, January 01, 2007

Year of me! Year of me! Woot woot woot!

I know I started on the Year of Me early, as soon as the Christmas knitting was done, but with the dawn of today, I feel that I'm really DOING it now. First thing I'm going to do is start a second project, most likely the 'bubbly curtain' from Mason*Dixon Knitting. I've been in project monogamy with the steeked jacket for a week now, and am forcibly reminded that lopi and I have a few problems with each other; my fingers keep going numb. I need another project to shift to when things get rough with the jacket. Lace knitting would do it; it's nice and light. I will be using crochet cotton out of The Box to make the curtain, and it will be going in my kitchen window, which faces east. On mornings when I wake up with a migraine, like today, the sun in my eyes nearly kills me when I stagger out to get some tea and Excedrin.

That was a lovely stream of consciousness, wasn't it?

Incidentally, anyone wanting to do a Year of Me is welcome to swipe the button on the sidebar and link it to their own goal list.

I've got big dents made in two of the three articles due and hope to send them off late today or tomorrow; the Knitty article is all done but the writing (yarn dyeing and photography is harder than blathering about it later). So here I am on the internet again.

Upcoming posts will include a tutorial on how to add length to a finished sweater (the husbeast gansey being the victim - he's made pitiful requests that it be finished by tomorrow so he can wear it to work), and how to do the math and cast-on and hem for the steeked jacket.

But first I've gotta finish these damn articles. Why don't I go do that?

One of my few resolutions for the year was to cut back on junk food. (That and exercise, and get back to work on a novel.) I'm eating french fries. That resolution made it, uh, twelve whole hours.


Sheepish Annie said...

I've been merrily knitting unto myself for over a week now. I'm a happy, happy girl. I like me. I deserve handknits.

I'm back to the healthy eating tomorrow. All my hard work after Thanksgiving was shot during the Christmas vacation. I don't even walk anymore...I roll! Boo!!

Anonymous said...

it's MY year of me, too. today, i'm knitting the swatches/pockets for a worsted-weight washable wool cardi with a fair-isle yoke and some fair-isle bands above the wrists. (we short wide loads don't need the "stripes," no matter how beautiful, elsewhere!)

why, yes, this plan/design IS inspired by saint elizabeth zimmermann, patroness of brave and
"un-ventive" knitters.

i'm looking forward to your steek-ing explanations so i don't do either more or less work than is necessary to create a beautiful cardi for the most deserving member of my family -- me, me, me! (i say that with a clear conscience because every other family member, quite a few shelter residents and several friends have received gifts from my needles in recent months.)

-- a. nonnie mouse

Amy Lane said...

I'm jealous...I'll do a 'year of me' later...when my new year's resolution about losing weight takes effect. (If I tell everybody I'm going back on the weight watcher's wagon, I have to do it, don't I?) BTW--that pic of The Baby was break-your-heart cuter than hell. You take such good shots!