Wednesday, January 03, 2007

All but one.

I've completed two of the articles due (with a day to spare), and all that is left is the Knitty article on dyeing yarn for beginners:

Anybody got any ideas for a title? All I'm coming up with are puns from James Bond movie titles; "Dye Another Day", etc. Or the descriptive but lameass 'beginner's guide to handpainting your own yarn'.

Anyway, the article's due the 5th and I hope to have the bulk of it written today and then let it stew in the back of my mind for 24 hours, do corrections tomorrow, and fire it off.

Then I will have nothing left to do but knit. And chase the baby around the house.

I took this photo yesterday, to give everyone an idea what it's like when I sit down on the couch to knit. Instant lay-on-mumum lovefest from every critter in the house (except the husbeast, who would also be there except he has a job).

Never a dull moment around here.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Julie! I've been a lurker for long enough, so let me let loose a short stream of the best of the bad puns which sprung to my mind.

"Dye Dye Birdie"

Not Another Dyed-in-the-Wool Article

What you've been Dying to know about handpainting Yarn

And my personal favorite: Catch her in the Dye

The Queen-a Athena said...

My suggestion:

Yarn to Dye For

Bells said...

Dyeing is Easy?

I keep trying to come up with something that doesn't sound like a pun and just can't!!!

Robin said...

Dye Happy!

Amy Lane said...

I've seen that view of a cat before!!! And I'm liking 'Dye Another Day.' How about 'Knit and Let Dye?'-- too obscure? How about 'Some Wool Over the Rainbow' (dyes are blue...) Okay, I'm done now. ('Dye Me a River?' 'Dyeing to Knit' 'Wool the Dye and Let the Knits Fall Where They May...') Shoot me! Shoot me now!!!