Monday, July 30, 2012

That was longer than expected.

Right. Sorry about that.

At the end of June, I decided to "celebrate" the finishing of the Goober's school work by getting to the bottom of my migraines. They'd been gradually getting worse, then in May the noticeable auras (read: hallucinations) shifted, which was kind of worrisome.

The past month has been spent seeing doctors and getting brain scans and arguing with insurance companies.

And spinning, to keep my hands busy so I don't kill people. (Pics of that soonly.)

Short version, I've doubled my daily drug intake (vast annoyance), and am able to take Imitrex again because one of the new drugs is for blood pressure and now my brain won't pop. Probably. The neuro told me the odds are about ten billion to one in my favor, that the aura shift is caused by hormone level changes rather than anything major like a brain tumor. And while I haven't seen the analysis yet, I did get hold of the actual images of my brain scan, and nothing major is leaping out at me from it.

Not that I know how to read a brain scan, but nothing in there looks like any x-ray or ultrasound I've ever seen of tumors.

My brain is funky. I think we knew that.

Oh - and it looks like the left side of my brain is bigger than the right. I need to send the images off to a buddy of mine who is a neuroscientist for confirmation, but I'm sure every person in the world is shocked by that news.


The husbeast's new thing is, he's getting rid of the ancient and much-beloved Suburban (because it really, truly, isn't reliable any more) and replacing it with a "big pimp limo" I think is the current term he's using. While I'm NEVER going to be thrilled about debt (I quite liked not having a car loan to pay), I've gotta say, I do like the new vehicle.

Now, if no one buys it out from under us while the bank does the paper work, we should be good.


The Goob is "in the dog house". Her term. My term is "lucky to be alive after repeatedly pissing me off".

Both my phone charging cords have had to be repaired because she CHEWED ON THE PLUGS. Her Nintendo DS is in the shop as I type, getting a new charging socket put in because she'd leave it plugged in and knock the whole thing around and beat on it and jerk it. So what did I get today? I caught her with the plug for the Kindle Fire IN HER MOUTH. It wasn't horribly chewed, but IT WAS IN HER MOUTH.

No electronics. Indefinitely. Until I'm done being angry. No TV, no music, no Wii, no Fire, no computer, no nothin'. (And it occurs to me that this kid is seriously geeked out, but I'm good with that.) But, summer break, with no electronics. One of us may yet kill the other. I'm not sure how a fight will go.



Last week, my MIL called me. She had on her Serious Voice, and started talking about overstepping boundaries, and other ominous things. Things I usually only hear after some major brouhaha in the family. So I sit down, brace myself, and ask "What happened?"

What answer do I get???

"I bought crochet hooks at the yarn store today."