Monday, January 22, 2007

Six weird things.

Bells tagged me for this, and after taking a while to come up with six weird things (well, it's all weird, but weird enough to be worth mentioning). So here you go.

1. I knit. Yeah, yeah. I know that seems normal. It is kind of normal. NOW. When I was twenty years old in 1999, it got a lot of REALLY strange looks. Particularly with the tattoo and the pink hair and the ripped jeans and all. Especially the lace knitting.

2. My hair started turning white when I was about sixteen. I've now got two Bride-of-Frankenstein streaks on each side of my face. Unfortunately they don't show up, or look blonde, in photos. Added to this, even pushing forty, I enjoy dyeing my hair colors.

3. I broke my nose when I was a kid, and it's crooked.

4. I wear my socks inside out on purpose. I hate having the seams rub on my toes. I know this makes me a perfect candidate for knitting myself socks, but I'm half afraid I'll get addicted and wind up doing nothing else. ...though I'm still not sure what the down side of that would be.

5. I hate math. Hate it. Loathe it. I'm trying to choose between two wildly different career paths right now, for when I go back to school, and the only thing they have in common is hordes of math. It always makes me laugh that I have a reputation as a math geek among knitters, and I confess I DO use math a lot and I'm not too bad at it. But I still hate it.

6. I learn visually. REALLY visually. Like I can glance at a map and not need it again. (When we move to new places I usually ditch the map within a week.) I can remember colors, which is apparently a weird skill. And I don't quite have a photographic memory for what I read, but I can remember piles of information I've either read or gotten off graphs or other visual illustrations. I LOVE historic atlases and archeological drawings and diagrams. Need to put together a fifty-piece carburator with one page of directions? I'm your girl.

There you go. Even weirder than you imagined.


Bells said...

you know what? None of those things in isolation are excessively weird, but wrap 'em all up in one Julie shaped bundle, and well, yeah, you're a freak.

And you didn't tag people.

Bells said...

hang on, still coming to terms with the numbers thing.

You are so a math geek. I think you're lying.

kitchen hand said...

I have a broken nose as well. They reset it, but a little bent.

debsnm said...

Not all that weird in a knitter - all things considered. I bet you were a sight knitting with pink hair, though!

Alwen said...

Tag me, tag MEEE!

Julie said...

Okay... um. Tag, Alwen, you're it.

And I forgot to mention I was born without wisdom teeth.

Amy Lane said...

Isn't it funny how the stuff that made us a freak when we were, say, 20 years old with pink hair makes us (or you, rather) like, uber-cool when we're pushing 40?