Thursday, January 25, 2007


There is nothing new here at House O' Samurai.

I dyed more yarn today:
The blue is lace-weight. I want to keep it.

I'm still waiting for elves to come wind up the Purple Train Wreck:
So far, no luck.

Sekhmet is still disgruntled about the concept of baby gates:

The Baby is still cute:
When she wants to rough-house and wrestle, she takes my hands, puts them against her sides, and says "tickle tickle". It sounds like "tik-uh tik-uh", but it's pretty good for one and a half.

I'm still knitting the first sleeve of the Steeked Jacket:

We're all still sick, and I've still got articles to write that are overdue.

I'd wish for some excitement, but around here that means orders to move seven thousand miles away, or a family emergency, or a car accident. So I'm going to stick with boredom. Yup. Works for me.

Even if I don't have anything to blog about.


Sheepish Annie said...

I would be quite happy with "status quo" right now. I miss the old SQ. I hate it when things get too exciting.

Love the yarn! Nice job...

debsnm said...

My only hope is that your beautiful yarn is so expensive I can never afford it, or else I'm going to have to have them just send you my paycheck, and the kidlet and the mortgage co would neither one like that.

Anonymous said...

I like the status quo thing. that's what I want today. It's what I'm going to have today.

You're becoming the dye queen Julie!

Yep, the baby is still cute!

Catie said...

yummy yarn

JessZ said...

You mean you haven't trained the baby to wind skeins yet? I thought child labor was the whole point of having kids.

angela said...

I have to say that I love the post about the VK review a couple posts back. I haven't bought that magazine in a couple of years, and now I remember why. There was never anything in there that I wanted to knit. Not to mention that it was a bit too much over the top for me. I am a huge fan of IK, though.
Love the yarn dyeing... looks wonderful. If I could afford yarn right now I would go with yours! Looks yummy.

KnitTech said...

Hate it when life gets out of control. You seem to be handling it well. :) Love the dye jobs.

amy lane said...

Gods that yarn is gorgeous...not as gorgeous as the baby, but still...