Thursday, February 01, 2007

Goals & links.

When I first started this blog, at the end of each month (or the beginning of the next, depending on how behind I was running), I would post a sort of list. What I'd done that month, and what I hoped to accomplish the next. At some point (I do believe in the midst of the Blue Shimmer insanity), I got out of the habit, which was a shame. It kept me organized.

Well, as organized as I ever get.


In January I did some felted containers:

That includes two that got thrown away, sight unseen, and another that was unraveled halfway through because I KNEW it would turn out dorky. Of the three that survived, two are awaiting Christmas and the little one is holding some of my knitting gear (needles, scissors, etc) on the kitchen table. I want to try the moebius cast-on edge thing again, this time in a yarn that makes it possible to see what's happening.

I also finished the Steeked Jacket up to the arm pits, and one sleeve:

Sleeve directions for everyone doing the Steek-Along will be posted tomorrow. I wanted to post them today, but The Baby kept climbing bookshelves and stuff, and I didn't dare leave the living room (where she plays) long enough to type them up, and I didn't dare bring her into my office (full of book shelves she would consider a jungle gym) while I did it, either. But they shall be done tomorrow, if I have to resort to duct tape.

Oh, and I have a baby blankie and a sock on the needles, too. Those are mostly for when I'm too tired or disgusted to work on the steeked jacket and just want some mindless knitting.

February, I want to finish the Steeked Jacket (preferably by Valentine's Day), make a decision on what to knit next (Geometric star, or cotton modular?), swatch it, and get started. Plus continue work on the blankie and socks.

And of course I'll still be dyeing yarn like a fiend. I've only got two skeins left of that three miles of sock yarn that I bought. Now that I'm knitting the sock yarn, I realize it's not as bad as I thought it was, but I'm still going to be working with better yarn in the future.

While I'm summarizing and wrapping up, I've got some links to articles. None of them have to do with knitting.

A humorous account of an internet-free vacation can be found here. My personal favorite is Day Six. I get that way after about two hours with no internet. Sometimes I get that way while ON the internet.

An ancient village has been found near Stonehenge (you know, the one near Salisbury, England) dating to the same time as Stonehenge was built. Very cool. Details here.

And MIT has found a better way to synthesize spider silk. When do we get to knit with it?


Bells said...

That internet free vacation was funny. I sometimes think of having a day without it, once in a while, just to see what I could achieve. But I suspect that like the Stash Diet, I'd have t1 po put conditions on it. Like maybe I can just check my email, but not look at any blogs. Then I get all sweaty and I think, nah, bugger that.

You did good stuff in January! Yay you!

Anonymous said...

oohh links to read later! Thanks! (amy lane)