Wednesday, February 14, 2007


The in-laws are coming! The in-laws are coming!

The problem is not their visit. I like them and enjoy them. The problem is this:
That's my office. See the futon buried under books and other stuff? That's where they're supposed to sleep. Possibly as early as tomorrow night. I've mostly shoveled out the living room (the coffee table is visible now) but the dining room needs help (the table there has become where we put anything we don't want The Baby to get to), the kitchen is it's usual disaster, and of course, the office. (Though I did get a cork board put up; that's my State Fair ribbon hanging off it.) And just to make us look totally low class, there's a cockroach living under the toaster that leaps out at odd moments. I haven't been able to kill the little bastard yet, because he's fast and I don't want to splatter roach guts all over my counter. The perfect touch for house guests.

My desk is a mess, too. Sigh. All you folks who think I'm organized should feel better now.

The Baby is walking, after a fashion:

Mostly she thinks it's a game to play with the grownups. Still no walking unassisted. We try to get her to walk between us, and she drops to her knees, crawls over, and stans back up again. Urgh. Our theory is, she wants to be carried because she likes to be held.

Time to go back to shoveling.

Oh, and happy Valentine's Day, to those who celebrate it.


Amy Lane said...

Bless you--you have a guest room, you're one up on me. Do you know that one of the two times in 13 years that I've ever actually dropped the F-bomb in front of my students is when I reached into my desk for a pen and grabbed a fucking cockroach instead? Uggh...get that little fucker good for me, I owe the whole species. (We immediately fumigated the room...thank the gods...)

Julie said...

I yelled 'Jesus fucking Christ!' and woke up the husbeast, who'd just gotten to sleep. (I was attempting to make tea at about eleven at night.)

KnitTech said...

Grilltech generally becomes someone I don't know when his mother comes to visit. To the point, he scrubs the top of the fridge. The woman is barely five feet tall, how will she see on top of the fridge?

Baby is cute. She'll be walking soon enough, then you'll really be in trouble.

Netter said...

At least you don't have to worry about her running into traffic, my pediatrician reminded me to keep an eye on B because apparently at 3 they do that. But, it's like the potty thing. She'll do it eventually. Especially when she sees all the cool kids doing it.

Theresa said...

Roaches oh yuck! I hate and detest the little bastards.
Your guest room looks a lot better than ours. The queen size bed is covered with yarn and off season clothes; of course I have no relatives that are likely to come visit and Steve's are to old to brave the cold in Minnesota. I should be able to put off the clean up until spring.

Sheepish Annie said...

I kind of do feel better now. I'm still waaaaay less organized than you, but it gives me hope that others have their storage issues.

Have a great visit with the in-laws! They will be so busy staring at the baby that they won't notice anything else.

Sandy said...

Hate them little beast! My mil is due this weekend, so I feel ya. my little girl went from sitting to runnig in about a day and has not stoped for 6 years now. Enjoy it while you can.
In other news I am looking to knit my first sweater any patterns you might recomed to a novice? I love color work and think I have the fair Isle thing down. Thanks

Bells said...

yay for the Baby!!!!

I so didn't need that cockroach squishing image. I'm suffering post-Valentine's day wine (over) indulgence this morning and that nearly sent me hurling.

Are they big critters in the US? they can be massive here, especially up north where it's warmer. I saw a huge one in the toilet of a McDonald's in a place called Toowoomba. My God. A monster.

Brewgal said...

My secret cockroach weapon is oven cleaner. You can vanquish them from a distance.

Anonymous said...

I cant stand clutter but it loves both me and my husband, following us from place to place. After leaving my husband to his own devices for 2 weeks ( I was visiting friends and family in California) the house looks like a tornado hit it. Im ready to wave the white flag and just learn to live with it so I don't have to keep cleaning it all up.
By the way, I envy your relationship with your inlaws. My husbands family (except his dad and stepmom, who are great) barely tolerate me. His mom actually tried to get my husband to 'date' the daughter of a a wealthy friend of hers AFTER we were already married - she's a little nuts - literally.

amy said...

We do not have a guest room. On purpose. We do not want house guests. To be fair, we do not want to BE house guests, either. In my mind, hotels were made to save family relationships. Even the in-laws I like, I don't want to stay with. And I'll leave it at that...

Louiz said...

Yippee for the baby walking! Give it a few weeks and she'll be walking unaided.

Secret weapon against clutter etc: Go to a good stationers, buy cardboard boxes and cardboard folders etc. Put clutter in boxes etc. Still got the clutter but it doesn't look like clutter.

You can even paint the boxes if you want!