Thursday, February 15, 2007

It all seems like work.

I dyed five skeins of yarn this morning in a burst of energy, and have a sixth stewing in the crock pot. I want to get March's yarns dyed before I head to Florida for a few days at the end of the month. This whole deadline thing is starting to make it seem like a job.

And lo and behold, I learn the hard way this morning that superwash yarn takes up dye in completely different ways than the cheapass peruvian wool sock yarn did, so now I've got this neon stuff I swear I'm going to call Martian Sunset and Electric Spring. And with the new uptake, the first round of Purple Trainwreck really is a train wreck.

Oh, well. It's yarn.

Otherwise, I'm still shoveling out my office and trying to get my act together. Tomorrow the in-laws arrive so I'd like to have the house looking okay by tonight. Though it's probably a pipe dream.

Boy, isn't my life exciting.

Still knitting on the Knitty Project.


Maggie said...

Yeah I am keeping an eye on the steek along. I think the sweater I will design will be a cardigan with crochet steeks. I don't quite have a vision in my head yet of what I want to look like exactly. I am VERY fussy about my sweaters, so I am want it to be perfect when I do it.

Thanks for offering some support! I am planning on using your article on EZ's sweater ratios to do it.

Sheepish Annie said...

I think that for every colorway there is someone out there who will appreciate it. Colors that I would just never put together or wear always seem to appeal to someone. And they can usually pull it off, too!

Amy Lane said...

Okay, cleaning the house? It's work. Don't let anyone tell you for dying the can be work that you enjoy, right? I can't wait to see the bizarre stuff--should be awesome!

Rae said...

You know, you gave the ILs a grandchild. They'll love you forever regardless of the state of your house. (They may judge you, but they'll do that anyway. But stop loving you? Nah. Not a chance.)