Sunday, February 18, 2007

Fine, the Baby.

A while back, the Husbeast found this toy in the store and bought it. It's a Leapfrog thingie that works like an educational video game for small children. ("To hear a story, push the button." Eventually it moves on to 'for X to happen, push a yellow button'.) Here they are, figuring out how it works:

Eventually she got bored with it (we thought), and we put it away and she proceeded to crawl around the house raising hell and whining until we figured out she wanted it back:

Of course I have a child who pushes the BIG ROUND RED BUTTON as much as possible. Eventually she'll nuke China. I'll be so proud. And we taught her how.

And here is a picture of Grandma taking a picture of the cuteness.

So there you go. What's happening with The Baby.

In between rounds of Civ 4, I have done some knitting (still on the Knitty Project - no photos yet, but I'm at the 'oh hell, I hope this thing turns out like I planned' stage) and dyed three skeins of yarn.

This superwash yarn SUCKS. Anybody know any sources of nice sock yarn that's affordable? Because I hate working with the stuff I've got now. I'm wondering if I can find a wool mill here in the US that will sell me yarn a mile at a time. (I've lost my mind. Gotta be dye fumes.)


Bells said...

Go baby! Nuke China! Just make sure you have fun doing it. he he

neither of the wool mills here that sell wool at really affordable prices sell sock wook. I was just lamenting that yesterday.

Sheepish Annie said...

I do love that look of concentration on the baby's face as she pushes that red button...non-friendly countries, you have been warned!

Alwen said...

"Not the wed one -- NEVER, EVER press the wed one!" [Elmer Fudd laughter]

Amy Lane said...

ye gods, she's cute... Maybe by the time she's grown, that big red button will dump flowers and ice cream into war zones... (and that was so corny I can't believe I wrote it.)

April said...

It's The Baby!

Some people look at the world through rose colored glasses, I look at the world through The Baby colored glasses.

Catie said...

I love babies. I am wondering why you dislike the sock yarn so much?

Ana said...

Sheri at the Loopy Ewe sells sock yarn. It's reasonably priced and she also offers special perks for frequent buyers. Her delivery time is real quick. Last time I ordered on a Friday and received it on Monday. Her web address is Let me know how you like it at my blog.

cko said...

Maybe you've already figured out your sock yarn problems, but in case you haven't I would try the following site:

She has nice stuff and you can get it in pretty large quantities.