Saturday, February 10, 2007

Stuff. With photos.

I was finishing reeling up the next-to-last skein of dyed yarn I've got here, when the husbeast walked in carrying a pile of boxes. One of the boxes contained more yarn to dye (including another three miles of sock yarn, bringing the total amount of sock yarn in my house to over SIX MILES.)

Fortunately I've started getting organized:

But I still need to design labels, print them out, attatch them to over twelve skeins of yarn, and take good-quality photos of them to post. (Yeah, that won't take any time at all.)

In the other box was the yarn I need to do the Knitty Project, and a couple shade cards (including one for Sonata, which is probably going to be a design to sell by fall).

Nice colors, but there's no orangey-red similar to carnelian. Hm. There's also a card for "Uros Aran" the half-llama yarn I made the Cookie Monster bowl with. I'm thinking felted stuffed animals.

While I was trying to figure out where to put all the yarn (I am SO not showing you a photo of my office right now, nope, no-how, no way), the husbeast wandered in again with a Valentine's Day gift. Namely, a Toblerone rose.

I put my hand in the photo for scale. This is what I get for a decade's worth of severed sexual organ jokes when he brings me flowers. He also brought me a heart full of chocolates. There's no 'map' telling us what's what. He's calling it "Chocolate Roulette". I've discovered a quick and easy way to get rid of coconut cremes.

I feed them to The Baby.


Sheepish Annie said...

Darn it...I ate the last of my Christmas Toblerone last week! I really want one now.

The yarn is looking good, too!

Amy Lane said...

awww....I love flowers... but I have to say your husbeast rocks... (must buy yarn... must--but it all looks so good-- how will you bear to part with it?

Julie said...

Other than the pink and orange laceweight, which I may actually USE this year, I'm not going to have a hard time parting with it. I hardly ever knit socks and I sincerely want the unholy amount of yarn I've already GOT, gone.

In fact, I've been kind of kicking myself for this idea - my goal of the year is to use up stash, so what do I do? Start a business that involves buying ten miles of yarn? It's insane.

NeedleTart said...

Um, I'm not on a yarn diet or anything. Can I just send you my next paycheck (beware, I was out for almost two weeks with the crud so it's not *that* big...but!) and skip over the pay-pal. If I need to set up a pay-pal account tell me now. I don't want to miss my favorite colors (earth, no, the violets, no, the blues, oh heck all of them!)while filling in forms.

Catie said...

i am so excited about the yarn stuff. when is the grand opening planned for again? Toblerone is my favorite chocolate, I'll have to hint to my Cory about getting me some.

Bells said...

such pretty colours! Such a cute baby!

April said...

I'll take all the yarn on the left side of the container. Who should I make my cheque payable to? The Baby?

Bells said...

Hey, I just had a thought. When The Baby is no longer a baby, do we start calling her The Toddler? Then, The Child, then The Teenager?

Kristen said...

I love coconut cremes; my husband hates them. He has a wonderful (in my opinion - he's not so crazy about it) talent for finding the coconut cremes: he examines all the chocolates, picks out one that really doesn't look like it'll be coconut, and takes a bite.

Most of the time, he hands it over to me and goes, "Ewwgh...coco-ngut."

Swapna said...

What is a Toblerone rose? Is it edible? I've eaten normal Toblerone chocolate. Or is this just packaged with a rose on it?

Rae said...

Oh man, looks like I'm a little late. I'll take the whole container, if it's still there.

In all seriousness, don't kick yourself too hard. Looks like you have a fan club.

If you whip up more green, drop me a note. I'll send you a check directly!