Sunday, February 25, 2007

Quick update.

Since I'm trying to spend the whole day in bed. Or at least horizontal (the couch works too). I was up all night coughing and throwing up, but I think I've turned the corner on this damn bug. For those of you worrying about pneumonia, I've had it before (more than once - fun times) and know what to look out for. (And in fact, am kind of worrying about it, myself.)

The good news is, while poking about yesterday, I got most of the dyed yarn skeined up and am nearly ready to go, posting my new yarns March 1. Coming up with names is becoming a game. My mother-in-law pointed out that the selling point of OPI nail polish is the silly name of each color, and was enthusiastic about my crazy names for my yarn. I've got one skein named "Radium" after the glow-in-the-dark radioactive goo they used to put on watch faces.

Sock yarn's on the left, lace weight is on the right. Radium is in the middle.

I got the Raspberry Ripple untangled last night (thanks again for that name):

Yesterday I think I broke my niddy-noddy. It gave a crack when I pulled a skein off it, and I gave it to the husbeast to look at. (He finds broken stuff for the Navy as a career.) He looked it over for a while and finally pronounced that he can't find any cracks but there's some tortional instability that wasn't there before. (I'm married to a man who uses terms like 'tortional instability'. And I know what he means. Which one of us should I be worried about?)

Two skeins left to wind. On top is "Death Warmed Over", which was supposed to look like a pond of lily pads but the dyes mixed wrong.

The one interesting thing about being sick is, the husbeast's been in charge of the baby. He's calling this hair style "Einsteinian".

I'm not sure how he managed it, but I'm pretty sure peanut butter was involved. Check out the glitter jammies. Very stylish.

Speaking of the baby, she's well again. Feels fine. Is into everything. Little shit.

I'm gonna go knit something. While laying down.


Amy Lane said...

Oh goodie oh goodie... the 28th is just around the corner, and this latest yarn binge at Stitches will be but a fume and a limbeck only and YOU HAVE SOME MORE YARN I CAN BUY!!! My life is good.

Now, if only YOU would feel better, all would be well...

Rae said...

You know the baby is looking older and older every day. Maybe it's the hair, but her face also looks a little more toddler-like. Cute cute cute. I can't show DD her purple sparkly PJs because DD would have a fit! Purple is her favorite color. EVERYTHING should be purple, according to her.

Radium. Love it. And I agree on the names. You could have such fun with that!

Sheepish Annie said...

You need a skein winder!!! You deserve a skein have earned a skein winder! I'll bet the husbeast could build one. For that matter, you probably could, too. If you weren't sick, that is.

Love the new yarns and the names are great!

Bells said...

Will you look at the Baby! I've been hanging around here since about August last year - I'm loving watching her grow up!

'tortional instability' had us giggling over our breakfast. You're breakfast entertainment in our house, Julie. Hubby was late getting to his shower because he was reading you!

CoffeeLady said...

More tempting yarns! I could be in serious trouble..... :-) You may get a few customers from my homeland - lots of people have been asking me for the link to your Etsy account. Get well soon!

Barb Outside Boston said...

I'm very curious about the lace-weight!

Sarah said...

I like the green and pink, I can't believe I just said I liked pink. Love the baby's hair and the pj's rock, my 3 yr old and two 1 1/2 yr olds would agree, they have the same ones. Warning the sparkles wear away after much wearing.

Alwen said...

Re the niddy-noddy:

I've never had one, but what I have had is a whole set of those chairs with the spindle backs, and I can tell you where those break. The spindles break right at the base, where they fit into the chair seat.

In your niddy-noddy's case, the break would be at one end of the center spindle, inside one of the right-angle arms. If so -- Gorilla Glue is your buddy, but beware, it really does expand, just like it says on the directions!