Friday, February 23, 2007

Lung snot.

That's mostly what I'm dealing with today. (Plus the usual brain snot.) The Baby and I are both sick. She's whining a lot and I'm wishing I could (okay, okay, I'm whining too). We've got that lovely situation going where she's sick and wants to cling, and I'm sick and want left the hell alone. Someone's not going to be happy no matter how we do it. Ah, the joys of parenting.

Otherwise, we've got more yarn I want to keep:

Almost overflowed the crock-pot on this one. It's laceweight, and while it's not Purple Trainwreck, it uses the same dyes with a different method. So there's more pastel and white in the yarn, but it still contains a good many shades of puprle.

Next up, a burgundy dip-dye.

We'll see how that goes. I'm thinking a blue dip-dye tomorrow with my one remaining skein of sock yarn.

I've been fiendishly working on the second ugly sock. I finished the ribbing and did the heel flap last night (while watching a series of forensic shows on TV - very cheerful) and turned the heel this morning (from memory because I loaned Knitting Rules! to my mother-in-law). Of course I should be working on the Knitty Project since there's a freaking DEADLINE and I haven't touched it in a week - at least chart the color portion, for crying out loud.

And then there's the steeked jacket. Uh, anyone on their second sleeve yet? Do I need to hurry?


Sheepish Annie said...

I just got an email from my boss querying as to the whereabouts of my next article for our latest project. I haven't touched it and don't even have a cold as an excuse. Procrastination is running rampant on these here internets, it seems!

Feel better soon (baby too)! Nice job on the latest batch of yarn.

Bells said...

a guy at work said to me yesterday that the reason I haven't had a cold in three years (when I told him that fact) is that I don't have kids in childcare.

But The Baby isn't in childcare and you guys get colds a lot. That sucks. I'm jinxing myself now. I'll get a summer cold soon now that I'm boasting how I haven't had one in three years.

more purple...I love it!

April said...

Ahh, is there nothing more appetizing than coming across a post entitled "Lung Snot" as you're spooning Campbell's "Creamy Chicken" soup into your mouth? I think not.

Amy Lane said...

Yeah...lung snot and snot clots behind the eyeballs... good times...the sad part? I'd rather be home with my sick children than at work dealing with teenagers who are just sick...

(bells, children carry viruses like fertilizer trucks carry shit...those puppies are just falling off all over the place and you never know when a big old clottin' chunk of somethin' nasty is going to fall on your head. Day care, home's all the same shit...stock up on the vitamin c now...)

Rae said...

Um, yeah, you're almost done with the second sock (you posted this a day or so ago, too, so you're probably done with it by now [Sunday morning]), and you challenged me to a second sock race? I ripped mine out and started over -- got through the top ribbing and 1.5 repeats (about 40-ish rows total) in one night. Speed knitting for me, but warming up for you. ;)

Hoping you feel better. And the baby. Baby colds SUCK ASS.