Monday, February 12, 2007

Aaah! Brain overload!

My ten pounds of books came today. I haven't knit a single stitch and instead have been holed up reading "Victorian Lace Today" and "Heirloom Knitting" (the second being a vast tome about Shetland lace knitting... if I ever want to produce a wedding-ring shawl, I've got the refrence material to do it now). Both are available for purchase or fantasy purposes at Schoolhouse Press.

For some reason, I can't knit and read about knitting at the same time. Particularly complex knitting like lace.

Anyway, I also got some books on Faroe color patterns, socks for clogs, and more lace. ("Creating Original Handknitted Lace" is on back order - good thing, or my brain would have exploded around four PM.) Tomorrow I'll at least do some mini-reviews on some of the smaller books.

Whose idiotic idea was it to knit lace with Doucer et Soie? Hmm? Plain silk isn't good enough? And what the hell ever happened to cotton? And what is UP with doing it on size eight needles? (Do not remind me of the Christmas scarves knit on size tens. I was not claiming it was traditional lace.)

And a note to the folks at Blogger: Do you suppose you dipshits could get your act together enough that I wouldn't have to log on to the bloody web site every time I type in the URL? I've got all my cookies enabled, so the problem is on YOUR END. This is particularly annoying because YOU MADE ME SWITCH TO NEW BLOGGER WHEN THE OLD ONE WAS WORKING JUST FINE. And now my log-on is longer. Fuckers.


NeedleTart said...

I can't even knit and watch knitting shows. I am working on The Husband's socks. Plain k2p2 and I had to stop during Knitty Gritty (not that I enjoy fluffy crap, but the Harlot is supposed to be on someday.....)

Ellen said...

Julie, I am sooo with you on the blogger thing!

Kristen said...

I read people's blogs who are upset with blogger, and I wonder why - and then I realize that they didn't blog for a year over at first, like I did.

I don't like the blogger comments, though. I use haloscan. I could write love poems about haloscan. Sersely.

Jilly Bean said...

I have been having the same problem! I have yet to figure out why google can keep me logged into gmail and google reader, but now that they've taken over blogger they can't seem to remember my freaking name!

Amy Lane said...

I hate them--they're all fuckers, all of them. Except for the book people. All book people rock.