Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The last, dare we hope, on this subject.

The other day I had something of an epiphany on the subject of what sock yarn I was going to use for my shop. Why not carry both? (Yes. Glaringly obvious. I'm blaming it on being sick, never mind that I was worrying the problem long before I caught this bug.) So that's what I'm going to do. The dip dyes (Raspberry Ripple, Purple Trainwreck, Round Rainbow, and hopefully some more colors coming soon) are going to be done on the regular Peruvian wool because I can get more subtle color gradients. But I'll keep some superwash going for people with a prefrence for it. The superwash stuff will probably be horrendously bright. I'm going to try for some neon, next batch. You were warned.

It's shameful how long it took me to come to this realization.

Otherwise, a few skeins of yarn might get added to the shop late this month, because instead of winding and dyeing I've been laying around coughing and hitting myself in the face with toilet seats. But I hope to have another dip dye like Raspberry Ripple, only in blue (Blueberry Ripple?) added to the shop by the second or third of the month. If they get really popular I'll probably have to up the price a bit because they take three or four times longer to produce than the regularly dyed yarns. (Unwind to a longer skein, six to eight hours of dye time with the crock pot, then wash repeatedly, and wind into a shorter skein for mailing.) There are photos of the dip-dye process going up on Knitty soon for their spring issue. (I hope. I haven't heard from Amy, which is a good thing. But she prefers articles around two thousand words long and the one I sent was TEN THOUSAND. With about twenty-five photos.)

I'm halfway through the toe shaping on the second ugly sock, and hope to start the third sock tonight. I want to get IT done so I can post a photo of it to my shop - it's a dip-dyed yarn and that way people can see how they knit up. This one's in aqua (Moldy Cheese Ripple?) and I love it. Hope to hell there's enough for a pair of socks. So far, so good on getting four ankle socks out of one skein of 440 yards of sock yarn. I'll post the pattern as soon as I have socks to take pictures of.

Did any of that make any sense?

Pass the cold medicine.


Anonymous said...

I thought everyone hit their head with toilet seats on the weekend, just for fun. My other wondering is if you have three legs, since you're starting your third sock...Since I have met you and know the answer, I should be ashamed even asking (she actually has eight legs, folks, hence the fast knitting).

Dude, moldy cheese is more blue than aqua. Maybe Mermaid Tail? OOh, if it's laceweight call it Mermaid Hair! And blueberry ripple sound good--pass it over, I'm hungry.

TrishJ, off to see if the dd has pneumonia

Netter said...

I like Mermaid Tail. Nice suggestion Trish.

Theresa said...

At least you were sick with a weird virus when you had the bathroom accident causing a bruise. I was just reaching for a roll of toilet paper in the cupboard and FELL OFF the toilet bruising my nose.
My only excuse, it was the middle of the night.

Theresa said...

I like the blueberry ripple/mermaid hair.

Amy Lane said...

NyQuil and Sudafed...Big N, little y, big freakin Q... (I'll buy the super bright stuff...I'm warped that way...)

sienna said...

Blueberry Blast
Blueberry Burst
Blueberry Blurst
Blueberry Bipple

I like aliteration!

Julie said...

Ha, Dennis Leary. Love him.

Around here we call NyQuil "Green Death" (which I think is also in his routine about it). There seems to be some strange link between my cough and gag reflex, somehow related to my asthma and made worse by the seven months of puking during pregnancy. I've never been able to take the Big Q becuase it leads to - you guessed it - throwing up.

Cheerful subject.

Sheepish Annie said...

Moldy Cheese Ripple! Tee-hee!!