Friday, October 20, 2006

What the hell is up with Blogger?

I've been trying to post all day (not that I have anything interesting to say) and it keeps giving me error reports and bizarre looking pages... I'll try this anyway and we'll see what happens.

I shall resist posting the secrets of the universe in case this gets lost. That way I won't care. Much. (Because we all know I have the secrets of the universe right here.)

Still more interminable knitting on the Husbeast Gansey. I've started a sleeve and crunched some numbers and it doesn't get any more exciting. Well, okay, there's a twisted-stitch cabley looking thingie running up the outside of the arm and across the shoulder strap. That's more interesting than ten square feet of k3 p1 rib like the body. But either way, snore.

I remember now why I do so much color knitting. Because any single color bores me.

The socks haven't been touched since I ripped them back to the heel flaps. I'm rather disgusted and tired of looking at them, so they're living on the couch under my pad of graph paper at the moment. The baby seems intrigued by the balls of yarn but I keep yelling "NO!" at her, and so now she just prods them with a fingertip instead of digging in. At least while I'm watching.

Speaking of the baby... she was napping (I thought) this afternoon, and I was sitting at my desk, and I heard this slapping noise. slap, slap, slap... I searched the house, looked around outside, nothing. I came back in. slap, slap, slap. I crept into the baby's room to check on her, and she was sitting up in bed, clapping.

What do you DO with happiness on that level??!!? (I laughed and hugged her. What else is a mumum to do?)

It has just occurred to me that it is Me Knitting Friday. Yay! No more boring green sweater, I'll work the rest of the day on the sleeve of the blue and black sweater. (And how come I always wind up knitting three hundred sleeves all at once?)

I've looked at this post, and the topic-hopping. It's just possible I'm over-caffeineated.

Baby photo!


debsnm said...

Blogger's been a pain for 2 days now.
See, incredible happiness is MUCH easier to take later in the day! Fortunately for us, children learn this lesson fairly quickly. As much can't be said for other lessons.

Bells said...

hey thanks for the happiness comment Julie. Made my (early) morning. I can't comprehend happiness on that level without alcohol.

Enjoy Me Knitting Friday!!!!

Teresa said...


TrishJ said...

clap clap clap! She is so danged cute she's almost dangerous to diabetics.

Yay on Friday you knitting! Any pictures?

TrishJ said...

Who was it that noticed that as you screw up the word verification time after time, the codes get easier? I just screwed up like, three times and ended up with a four-lettered code. LOL

April said...

"If you're happy and you know it ..."

That baby is the cutest little Munchkin I've ever seen.

Amy Lane said...

Yeah...I use blogger's FU's as a chance to catch up on my other writing...

shtdryhq--what is that supposed to mean? that's my logarithm... it sounds like it's trying to tell me something...