Monday, October 23, 2006


This is all the stuff I keep forgetting to post. I couldn't post most of the weekend, thanks to Blogger, and so now I'm running off at the keyboard.

That to-knit list from yesterday? I forgot to add the denim yarn cable-knit I was just talking about last week.

And the link to the SC tatting guild is here. Meant to put it in my last post. If you're in their area and tatting sounds fun, give them a try. They seem like a great bunch. (And if any of you Palmetto Tatters are wandering through Charleston, ever, give me a yell and we can meet somewhere and we can trade tatting and lace-knitting lessons, if you like.)

My office re-arrangement over the weekend has been great for everyone but me. The idea was to give the baby an open, empty space to play, so that once I re-baby-proof, I can shut her in here with me on days I want to write or whatever (design, play Civilization for ten hours...) It worked, in that we've got the open space.

Now everybody wanders in my office all the time. Last night the baby, the husbeast, AND the cat were all jammed in here with me. It's the smallest room in the house (other than the bathrooms) and made smaller by three book shelves. I hate people. WHAT ARE THEY ALL DOING IN HERE?

But here are the new features everyone else likes:

The cat loves the new arrangement with the futon, because she can sleep on the back of it and swat people (me) as they come in the door. (Like the switch plate on the lights? That was hand-painted by none other than TrishJ of the comments. She's a kickass painter.)

The baby loves the new arrangement with my office chair, because now it's in the center of the room and can be spun completely around, unlike before when there was a wall in the way. She has now discovered a new game called 'spin the cat'. (Much like spin the bottle, except instead of getting kissed, you get smacked in the head by a cat.)

I mostly like it 'cause it's easier to get to my books. (Life is books. Books are life.)

And the baby says, "Tired? Who's tired? Naps? Never heard of them. Give me a cookie. My eyes are WIDE OPEN. No tired here."


TrishJ said...

Hey, I forgot I made that lite plate! Still have to make the plaque for the baby's door... Xmas is around the corner. Mawahahaha!

MrsFife said...

This is why I love your blog! I hope when (if) I have a child I can be as irreverent as you are to children.

April said...


Umm, that child looks a bit wired. Another Grande Triple Shot Latte, baby?

Amy Lane said...

Sure, she'll look like that now, but at a nine a.m. soccer game she'll be snoozin' on her feet...and about the office? Last night I went to the bathroom. When I left the living room, there were four children and one Mate, all couching, playing or WOWing contentedly. By the time I was done going to the bathroom, there were three children in the bedroom next to the bathroom--they'd brought the baby in to lay on the bed for good measure--one child in the bathroom with me, and one Mate, playing WOW all by himself in the BIGGEST ROOM IN THE HOUSE. I don't know how they do it, I don't know why, but you are the superpowered electromagnet and they are the little magnetic shavings you can't shake off your ass.