Tuesday, October 24, 2006

It has begun.

Another fuckin' scarf. I can barely contain my excitement.

In case you can't tell, the scarf is dark green. How do I wind up with everything I'm knitting, the same color? It was like this with the Blue Shimmer. Blue lace, blue scarves, blue sweater. Now it's green. I've got another green scarf AFTER this one, and the damn Husbeast Gansey. (Remember how I was going to do the Husbeast Gansey in navy blue, but asked him if he'd go for green 'cause I was sick of blue? UGH.) I really don't know how I do this.

Anyway, I started the scarf at 2:00 today, more or less. I'm going to track how long it takes to do this. Even if it's a week, though, I've still got time to finish the other two.

Remember how I wanted all the Christmas knitting done by the end of summer? Aahahahahah. I must have been smoking crack.


Woman_Who_Knits said...

I'm in a pink phase right now. Every friggin' yarn I buy has pink to it. It's a phase I think. Might be me reliving my youth since I hated pink as a child . .hmmm, my therapist might want to hear about this!!

Amy Lane said...

I've gottent to be a total color slut in the past few years...I used to only be 'jewel colors'--dark greens, reds, blues, etc. but suddenly, I hit the place where depending on my mood, the time of the year, my time of the month, EVERYTHING looks good...and I do mean everything... I found myself with this appalling cranberry-vomit colored project that I was so glad to get rid of it wasn't funny....