Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Ooooooo. And some philosophy.

The baby's got this cute little 'oooo' noise that she makes when she finds something she's never played with before. Sort of 'oh, this is interesting'. When we're at home, and she hasn't gotten any new toys lately, the sound of that noise makes me investigate immediately to see what she's gotten into. Usually it's my yarn. Today, it was this:

I will give her credit, though. When she spotted me, she tried to put the tissues back in the box. It didn't go too well, though.

I guess I've got the hang of motherhood now because instead of cleaning up, I ran for the camera. (I did eventually stuff the tissues back in the box.) I tried to get a snap of the cat watching the proceedings, too, but she darted off as soon as the camera appeared - I think the flash hurts her eyes. Anyway, the cat was sitting there looking at me like 'You just HAD to have a kitten, didn't you? Now see what it's done?'

There have been complaints (I don't know if they're ongoing or not - I've just noticed them) about motherhood blogs, in that only the best parts of motherhood are mentioned and no one discusses the daily grind or the disgusting parts. While I don't consider this a motherhood blog, I DO mention it. After all, I have a kid and right now raising her is essentially my job. Therefore the subject comes up. And yeah, it often sucks. What gets to me most is having to get up EVERY DAMN DAY and keep the SAME DAMN SCHEDULE and fix nutritious meals on a schedule and enforce nap time. I have always hated schedules, to the point of choosing jobs according to what was the least organized. But the reason I leave out the negative stuff is... who wants to read it? And why do I want to write it?

But suffice it to say, the kid's had a cold (imagine the nose; I will spare you descriptions, but I literally gag) and wants to cling to me constantly while I'm trying to knit the Damn Sweater on a deadline and I've been on tranquilizers for the last couple days because EVERYTHING is driving me nuts... and just when you're ready to kill them, they get all cute on you and teach you a lesson about life that you've either never learned, or forgotten.

Mother nature's way of seeing the human race survives.

Now I gotta go knit. But I'm going to try to get into the head space where a box of tissue is a fascinating, fun thing. I suggest we all try it.


The Queen-a Athena said...


Wait until she discovers the fun to found in a box of tampons.

Netter said...

Urgh. Colds. It will be nice when she knows what to do with the tissues after taking them out of the box. I find that my B's boogies don't bother me so much as his father's.

April said...

How could someone ever get upset with a baby that cute? I'd be running to get her three more boxes to play with. Good thing I forgot to have children.

debsnm said...

"and just when you're ready to kill them, they get all cute on you and teach you a lesson about life that you've either never learned" - that's what they're best at - it helps the species to continue, otherwise, we'd eat 'em like tigers do.
Things to remember when they're driving you nuts:
1. Not doing it on purpose. Even though it seems that every single thing they're doing at the time is designed to make your life more crazy - it's not.
2. Always listening - ALWAYS. Remember this when she pops out your favorite curse word in front of your parents. Or your in-laws. Or the pastor. Ask me how I know. I have lots of stories.
3. Boogies, like everything else, will pass.

Amy Lane said...

Sorry about the cold...it always feels to me like you've got a twenty lb. wiggly tumor attached to yourbody... nasty, gag inducing oozes and all... I'm glad she's doing cute, though...I would urge that you hide the diaper wipes...they're twice as much fun as Kleenex...

Sheepish Annie said...

Gotta admit...tissues are pretty fascinating. The way they just keep popping up like that...and you can never get them back in the way they were. You get one shot with tissues then they're just thin paper in a box.

Such a cute little philosopher you've got there!

Bells said...

couldn't you just eat her up? hey mummy, look at these tissues....sigh. I want one.

Rae said...

Motherhood mostly sucks, er, well, it did for me until about 6 months ago. I take great comfort in the whinings of mothers, and I relish my new-found love of being a mom. So, onward with the good stories, the bad stories, and the gory stories. Weaving knitting in between works for me.

Jejune said...

I wouldn't do babies again, not for anything... gorgeous as they can be, the amount of mind-numbing hard slog and dealing with every bodily fluid known to man on an intimate level is just dreadful at times. And you can't leave them for a minute! So I certainly sympathise, and am amazed you manage to get any knitting done at all...

I now have a different sort of hard slog, with two teenagers... who are basically very nice people, but can also be incredible slobs and downright scary at times. I probably should have gone grey by now (but havent', yay!).

Favourite cute baby story of mine? (Yeah, like you asked?) About to go out to catch a bus, ready with keys in hand to walk out the door... naughty daughty (2 years old) has pushed her high chair to the kitchen bench, and is now kneeling up on it, completely sugar-coated, with her hands in the sugar bowl, eating away. She smiles blissfully at me and says "Is yummy, Mummy!"

Enjoy the cute bits - they keep you sane (and give you great ammunition and blackmail material for when they're older... keep those photos!).