Thursday, October 05, 2006

Slightly more sane.

Or slightly less drugged. Either way.

I'm sitting here plotting what to work on next. I've still got these Christmas presents to do, but my first reaction is "#(@*@ it, I'm gonna knit something I want, for ME." I still do have the brown wrap going that I want to finish for my friend this fall. It's stockinette with garter stitch edges and a couple-five columns of eyelets; simple enough for knitting while the baby is awake and I'm on guard duty. But for evening and nap time knitting, I'm thinking it's time to knit myself a pair of Elizabeth Zimmerman's arch shaped socks:

I'd alter them and make them as crew socks instead, though; just ankle ribbing and the foot.

And I'm also going back to Friday night Me Knitting and trying to finish the blue and black one-armed sweater before Christmas, so I have something to wear for the holidays other than sweatshirts.

I never get tired of knitting; just of certain projects. I'd throw up if I had to knit another Blue Shimmer right now. But everything else sounds exciting.

My birthday is coming up and I suspect I'm getting a yarn gift certificate. I'm thinking of buying myself some lopi and knitting another jacket like the brown-and-red, for myself this time. Would anyone be interested in a knit-along, where I lead everyone through the whole process from gauge swatch to doing the math and making the pattern, to knitting it up and cutting the steek? We could wait until after Christmas and start it first thing in January. That'd give everyone time to find the yarn they want and get hold of it. Anyone?

And now, the beast, er, baby is awake and it's off for another afternoon of whining and snot. I can't wait.


debsnm said...

A KAL sounds like fun! I've been looking at the Knit Picks Fair Isle Cardigan, wondering if I'm brave enough to tackel it. I've done colorwork before, but not to this extent, and I've never, ever, EVER cut steeks. I'm not sure I have the nerve - but maybe buy Jan. . . . . .
count me in!

TrishJ said...

I'd do it!

But I'm not knitting with red and brown. I look sallow in red.

Carson said...

wow those socks are amazing!
the whining and snot sounds....very trying.

Anonymous said...

Be sure to see the Vogue Knitting corrections on the web for the socks you're considering. I think the entire pattern was replaced!

Anonymous said...

I would be interested, but would it be open to someone who has no blog?


Amy Lane said...

No can do, sweetie...(did I mention seven impending babies, a pair of socks I have to finish, the new book I'm working on, and, oh yeah...the full time job and the four kids?) But I will DEFINITEY laugh my ass off, I mean enjoy the hilarity, as the rest of you deal with steeking...