Sunday, October 08, 2006

What I'm working on.

During the past two months, you guys have gotten totally the wrong idea about me. You've watched me knit crazy things without wavering, and finish them on time (barely) and generally have my act together.

That is so, so not the case.

I have the attention span of a gnat. To prove it, here's what I've worked on in the past two days:

The wrap. This is a major project and is about 1/3 done. (I pray that it does the usual deal and lengthens dramatically when it hits water, or I am doomed.) The vertical lines are actually columns of eyelets I plan to thread silk ribbon through. It's a wool-alpaca blend; should be nice and warm. I really, really, really don't want to have to buy more yarn for it.

I lost my head last night and did a swatch with the new cotton yarn I bought. You know, the stuff I'm not going to get to until mid-January at the earliest, possibly later. Of course I needed a swatch of it. Yes, that's a meiter. Let's not talk about that. I've lost my mind.

I'm also working on the swatch for the husbeast's Christmas sweater. I half-assedly designed a cable pattern for the sleeve/shoulder strap, but it's so simple I'm sure someone else in the history of knitting has come up with it before now.

And then there's the gauge swatch for the arch-shaped socks I want to knit for MEMEME:
...okay, I haven't gotten to that one yet. Probably tonight.

And I saved Sekhmet from the baby a couple dozen times, until the cat figured out that the safest place in the house is inside the Pack-and-Play, so long as the baby is OUTSIDE it.

I'm also trying to cook a pot roast. It's been going for about five hours now and it's still like a football. I hope to hell I haven't murdered an $11 chunk of cow. But how could I screw it up? You just cook the damn thing 'til it falls apart.

Still no word from the State Fair about how I did. Judging was Friday.


Lynn said...

Love the kitty play pen! That's hysterical. :)
You've been a busy bee, hope YOUR socks get started soon!
What color ribbon are you going to thread through the wrap?

TrishJ said...

OOh, can we do a sock-a-long? My Elann order should be here this week! And I have no sock pattern! YIKES!

Brown Pants said...

HAHAHA! Love the Baby/Cat photo! I'm putting my faith in the power of lace-stretch at the moment too! Fingers crossed.

April said...

Ooo, a sock-a-long, that would be fun! Especially since I just this moment finished my second Sock Of Doom for Sock Wars.

I'm drooling over the color of that cotton yarn - it kinda screams summer at me.

Nuffin' better than a baby/cat picture either.

Alwen said...

I'm afraid to make a list of all my works-in-progress. And my tatting thread stash is just scary. (I went to many estate auctions before we had a kid, and bought many box lots of Auntie's old thread, most of which I still have.)

So it's always a relief to find someone who has more projects going than I do!

Amy Lane said...

The kitty in the play-pen thing is classic--and I've made my family eat a lot of raw meat because yes, I can foul up a pot-roast. I'm jealous with all of your swatching--I managed to blog once today and get about two pages on the new book--it's almost like I'm accomplishing something. (your knitting blows me away--I'm sure the judges are still sitting on their asses going, "wow...someone actually knit this by hand--how wonderful!"

Bells said...

who screws up a pot roast? I thought it was the easier way of roasting meat. Where are you guys going wrong???

I'm really tempted by the steek along but frankly, you'll all be doing in your winter and our summer and all that heavy wool in an Australian january just doesn't sound manageable!!

Dez Crawford said...

Love the baby-kitty photo. Here's the secret to the perfect pot roast: cook it for longer than you think at a lower temperature than you think you should, like 6 hours at 325 degrees. The trick is: DON'T CHECK ON IT until about Hour Five. Every time you check, you let out steam. This is bad.