Thursday, October 12, 2006

I married a beast.

It's so lovely.

I've been fighting with my (military) doctor's office for three weeks trying to get a perscription refill out of them, and have gotten to the point that the fight with them is causing me more stress and aggravation than not taking the pills was causing (the drug is for the pain/stress deal). So I refused to deal with it any longer. In true beast fashion, the husbeast has gone down there to hunt down my doctor and squeeze a perscription out of her. He says he's refusing to leave until he gets the medication for me. (This probably sounds really strange to non-military people. Dependents like me often get ignored while active duty people get action - even if it's an active duty person screaming about their dependent. When I had orthopedic surgery, they wouldn't give me painkillers until HE threw a conniption and threatened to call the CO. It's very stupid an ineficcient... like much of the rest of the military.)

Anyway, he's a beast. Ain't it cute? Awww.

The baby has returned to whatever we consider normal:

I've decided that all babies are weird, and there's really no such thing as normal with them. Just not-sick and not-screaming. Which we've got. Whew.

I'm about halfway down the sock feet:

It's looking good for them to fit. I finally smarted up and instead of just measuring my foot, I STOOD on the tape measure. I've got what in Hawaii they jokingly call 'foot spread' (among other things) from going barefoot all year round; my foot size varies by an INCH, width and length, between sitting and standing. So I've got an inch more to knit than I thought, but they might fit this way. I tugged them on this morning and they seem to fit all right otherwise; they're a bit tight, but the wool should relax when I wash it. The swatch did.

And I started the husbeast's Christmas sweater: (Blogger is still fucking up with this picture loading deal, isn't it?)

It's going to be a half-assed fisherman's gansey, with the ribbed bottom and sleeves and a purl/knit pattern over the chest. I'm not getting obsessive with historical accuracy; if he likes this one, I'll knit him a real one, with the real wool, next year. The husbeast is rather cute over the whole thing. I've never knit him a sweater before, because all the ones he's known in the past are commercially made twenty-pound cotton sweaters and he hates the weight of them. I got him to try on one of my oversized sport-weight wool cardigans I wore when we lived in Hawaii (wool keeps heat OUT as well as in). He loved them. Or rather, he did the usual knitter deal - "It's lovely, but a pullover instead of a cardigan, and change the neck, and a darker color, and..." So this is our great experiment. But he's excited. I'm hoping he likes it so I can knit him more. Only the best for my beast.


debsnm said...

Smiles are much better than tears, and I SOOOO want to knit those socks now! I've got to finish something, anything, so I can totally make those socks!!!

Laura said...

Been there done that with the meds. I had a horrible experience with one doctor's office and just changed to another doctor, who I had gone to previously and knew would listen to me. Glad to know the baby's doing well...hope mine is in the non-crying and non-screaming part of the population! Love the socks too! I still haven't restarted the Jaywalkers...I've been sleeping. =0)

Amy Lane said...

That is a truly awesome beast...I'm sure he'll treasure the sweater...

Sheepish Annie said...

I gotta get me a beast...this fighting over my own prescriptions is just getting old!

Loving the socks...wish I'd thought of that whole "standing up" thing, though. I think we've hit on why I'm having problems with fit.

Bells said...

I so have to finish my first sock. Four months is way too long for it to have gone on!

Alwen said...

Go, hus-beast!

My husband has been in the National Guard for 20+ years. That branch of the military is, shall we say, no better.

Another measurement for sock feet: wrap the tape around your foot and size it from around the heel down to the toe. My feet go from 12.5" down to 9", then up to 9.5" at the ball. They are almost tubular!

This measurement can explain a lot about sock fit (or lack thereof).