Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Today's toll.

-Five dozen toffee-chip shortbread cookies. (I lost my head and ate half a dozen.)
-Two dozen macaroons. (The husbeast lost his head and ate three.)
-Two dozen ginger bars. (I hate ginger.)
-One trashed batch of lemon cookies in the trash; I'll try again tomorrow. (Too much butter. Duh.)

And, drumroll please, one green scarf done. Eeeee!

I now plan to goof off the rest of the night.

My feet hurt.


Bells said...

You go goof. You deserve it!

Why'd you trash the lemon ones???


April said...

How did you manage to warp the time/space continuum and have it only apply to the East Coast?

Amy Lane said...

goof away, brave samurai, goof away...