Thursday, December 07, 2006

More knitting stuff.

There's a clever title for a knitting blog, "more knitting stuff", because, you know, I never discuss knitting stuff around here.

Ugh. The temperature's started to fluctuate again and the migraine is back. I feel like I've goth an elephant standing on the bridge of my nose. It's supposed to freeze tonight, and I hope it gets damn cold and stays that way. Then only my asthma will bother me. Ha.

Anyway, I sewed together the Baby Surprise Jacket and got a couple bad photos of the baby in it:

The top photo, you can see the length is a bit on the long side, and get a feel for how the shoulder seams go together. The bottom photo doesn't show a lot, but you can see the sleeve length is okay. I think the gauge is wonky because I knit this really loosely and the garter stitch stretches out in all directions. (And get a load of that pink leopard-skin sweat suit. Yes, Ang, I thought of you when I bought it.)

Better photos will be forthocoming; the Baby was zoned on "Go, Diego, Go!" and when I tried to get her to stand up for me, she had such a whiny hissy fit she wound up getting put down for a nap. I need a good photo to post over at Zimmermania, a group blog I'm part of that's a bunch of people knitting Eilzabeth Zimmerman and Meg Swansen projects.

I started another damn scarf:

The dark green one was bound off last night; it's as long as my outstretched arms, unblocked, and I decided that was long enough, regardless of what seemed like a half ball of yarn still left. This new light green one is simple lace netting. Yarn over, knit two together across, then purl back the other way. I can read while doing it, and hope that I'll get it done faster, because of that. (That was the great attraction to the Baby Surprise Jacket.)

I've also suddenly realized (last night) that we have a little less than two weeks before we leave for Ohio, and if I want to do any Christmas baking, I need to do it soon. Normally I enjoy baking (to the point I once considered it a hobby, before my weight hit 150 and kept going up), but not with a baby to ride herd on. Which means I'll be doing my baking in the evenings, when the husbeast's around to watch the baby. Fun, fun. Not to mention, my brother's family has requested date cookies. Since my grandmother and mother died, I'm pretty much the go-to girl for any traditional family recipes, so I always try to take requests when I can. But the date cookies are hell. (Maybe I'll post the recipe here so you can suffer too.)

Why can't they ask for chocolate cake? I'm good at that.


April said...

There's no such thing as a bad picture of The Baby.

And heck, if you're offering to make a chocolate cake, woohoo, over here!

My Mom made date squares, aka Matrimonial Cake, are the date cookies like that? Mmm, date squares.

debsnm said...

My Gramma made date cookies from hell, too - it'll be interesting to see if it's the same recipe.

Bells said...

aw, she looks cute. I like the jacket very much.

I like the sound of that very simple scarf, too. Might be a good one for me to do next. It looks lovely and delicate.

And your mum died. I'm sorry. Did she get to meet The Baby?

Sheepish Annie said...

I'm with April on the photo thing. She works the camera no matter what.

I'm also the designated baker for much of the family favorite foods. No pressure there...

Julie said...

My mother and grandmother died about six years ago, maybe five months apart. All three of us were really tight, so things were pretty rough for a while. (Espescially since I was also dealing with my broken arm AND the lawsuit from the accident that caused it. Fun times.) It bothers me that neither of them got to meet The Baby. Or she them.

My mother-in-law is very sweet about trying to pick up the slack. (She knew my mother and my grandmother - it's a small town we're from.) I mentioned once that my grandmother and I always made cookies together, and she's standing by, ready to go as soon as The Baby is old enough. :)

Terby said...

I like the jacket. I'm now totally fascinated by the construction, and may have to knit one just to see how that all works.

Date squares can be really good or really bad. Never any in between on that.

Rae said...

I'd LOVE to try the date cookies. Please post!!

Rae said...

oh yeah, and I agree, no such thing as a bad picture of the baby.

amy lane said...

I love her little stoned expression when she's facing us...classic kid-high-on-television... and the jacket is pretty awesome too. (I"m so jealous...)