Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Yes, I really rode a dirt bike. I got my first one for my eleventh birthday, so I've been riding a while. Mine was almost the same size as the one my nephew got, but it was much, much older and much, much more beat up. (Sort of like me, now that I think of it.) I just took it for a spin up the block and back; my brother wouldn't let us into the yard because it had been raining all day and was muddy. (I swear, ever since he grew up, he hasn't been any fun at all any more. All that responsibility crap.)

The babies had a lovely time playing together. You may notice a slight resemblance between The Baby and The Cousin. (I find the whole thing eerie. I'm adopted, so the idea of RESEMBLING other people is new to me - and The Baby did inherit stuff from me, like crooked fingers and missing teeth.)

I now intend to go fix the husbeast's Christmas sweater (it needs some more length, which I was expecting; I'm going to knit more and graft it onto the bottom of what's already there). Photos of Chirstmas sweaters tomorrow. I'm too pooped to write any more. (We're home, after a looong drive, some of it spent stuck in holiday traffic.)

So I'll give you another photo.


April said...

Welcome home! Glad you made it back safely and that you can finally have some peace and quiet.

The Baby. *Sigh* I can breathe again.

Bells said...

hey, welcome home!!

The baby looks like she had a magnificent time! Love the reindeer horns. And thanks for the evidence of you riding the dirt bike. So cool!

Next we need a photo of the husbeast in his gansey!

Amy Lane said...

welcome home...And I'm wiyh you on that eerie thing...they really do look alike... (both cute...) But you know, that happens sometimes... my daughter looks a lot like my stepsister--and her son is the spitting image of my dad....

Teresa said...

How old is The Cousin?
Sorry for stating the obvious, but...they're both so adorable!

Sheepish Annie said...

The samurai on a dirt bike and the baby in antlers...now it's Christmas!!!

Glad you made it home safe and sound. Enjoy the peace and quiet!

NeedleTart said...

Welcome home (and by home I mean the nearest computer). Love the antlered look!
I got to hold our New Baby Nephew over hte weekend. Babies ummmmm. Now I can get my fix from you. Thanks.

Julie said...

The Cousin is three months older than The Baby, so he's eighteen months old. They both look like their fathers' side of the family. There are some year-old twins on that side of the family that don't look as much alike as our two do.

The antler photo looks for all the world like Dr. Seuss to me.