Saturday, December 09, 2006

Just in time!

Sometimes I wonder if the blogosphere has some great psychic connection thingie going on. Because whenever I'm getting ready to do some kind of knitting project, all of a sudden, there's a kajillion other people doing the same thing, and articles out the woz on the subject. (Okay, it's far more likely that what I'm doing is in the front of my mind, and therefore I NOTICE the articles more often, but don't ruin it for me. We're psychic. It's more fun that way.)

Yesterday the knew Knitty came out, and lo and behold, just in time for the Steek-Along, is an article on stranded color knitting, and how to do it. With photos. (If anyone cares, I do stranded color by running the dark color through my index and middle fingers, and the light color through my middle and ring fingers, of my left hand. I never knew it was a legitimate technique until recently - I made it up myself in the knitting vacuum of the 1980's.)

THEN, when I was thinking I needed to drop that link to youse guys, who else is steeking, but the Knitting Curmudgeon herself. And she took photos. And did a crocheted steek, no less. Just like we're gonna do.

So if you're still not sure about your techniques, there are two more places to go look and have a read. And remember, I'll be doing tutorials as we go, also.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to go do something about the 25 pound bag of flour I bought earlier today. And I just took some medication, so I may well be back later, swearing over the mathematician who figured out how to divide by zero. (Because imaginary numbers aren't useless enough. Terby, don't argue with me, they're useless. They ARE. ARE TOO. I don't care about the surface area of a sphere, and I don't need a freaking negative square root, and neither does anyone else. DO NOT.)


Bells said...

That's what I reckon. The universe is telling us the time has come for steeking AND stranded knitting, for those of us who haven't done it before. The stars are aligned. :-)

Sheepish Annie said...

Depends what the sphere is...if it is chocolate or something, then I might want to know. Just for snorts and giggles.

Um...did you say, "25 pounds of flour???"

Julie said...

Yes. Twenty-five pounds. Sam's Club (a wholesale club) had the bags on sale for the same amount I would pay for a five pound bag at the regular grocery. So I bought it.

I've also got seven pound bags of brown and confectioner's sugar and a pint of vanilla extract.

FairyGodKnitter said...

So that's how you spell kajillion. I think all this interest in fair isle and steeking reflects the kniiting world heading back to traditions. The revival of sock knitting, lace knitting and all seperates the fun fur crowd from the rest of us that take this "hobby" to the level of true art and craft. Very traditional skills being used to create new good work. We get the lets knit it all fever and then gather our buddies together and do it.

Terby said...

Aw, come on... You throw down the gauntlet like that and expect me NOT to respond???

Sadly, I got nothin'. I do science, not math.

Julie said...

Haha, after I posted that math stuff, I realized you don't use imaginary numbers to do surface area of a sphere - you use radical numbers.

Now I feel dumb.

Maybe I'll hold off on that math rant for another week.